Black Ops outselling ALL previous COD releases!

August 5, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

I have posted earlier that Call of Duty Black Ops release could be EPIC! Well it is now confirmed that COD7 Black Ops is selling Pre-Orders at a faster pace than any other release of COD! I’ve shown you footage of some of the game play which is phenomenal in graphics. Treyarch won awards at E3 with their demonstration.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon commented:
“That he felt like he might soil his pants” (I posted video of this one, it is pretty awesome and funny)

Agent_M Commented:
“For everyone asking about #CODBlackOps details, I’m sworn to secrecy. It looked frickin’ great, though. I’m way more excited for it now! ”
“As JD_2020 noted, I got to see #CODBlackOps. Stuff blew the eff up. We saw it in a dark hotel room. It was hot. And seeeeekritive.”

There are plenty more kudos, but bottom line is this may sound like hype; however, with the numbers out now that they are outpacing all other COD pre-orders and the economy hasn’t gotten any better, it sounds to me like we just might see MW2′s Record Breaking Release SHATTERED. So if you don’t want to stand in LONG lines, then just do what I always do and pre-order (link on image below) and select delivery “Day of Release” and it show right up at your doorstep! Excitement is brewing!!!



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