Black Ops update already to V 1.02

November 9, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Just plugged in the game and already we have update v1.02. Not sure what its for, but suspect that it may be to “enable” online play to the masses, whereas they had it blocked for just the Treyarch and Activision Peeps. So not sure but will update when its known, Its surely not a biggy, cuz it took seconds………….OMG it just loaded……..I must make video real quick before I play…………..OMG…… KEWL!!!


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  1. MAYBE it fixed the game-breaking floating-apple glitch! =o3

  2. I put Black Ops in the CD drive on my ps3. Prompted by the 1.02 update and my system froze. Will only work in safe mode now. Hard disk is corrupt now. Fml. Waited til midnight for the reslease, never played the game.

  3. A-P-O,
    Have you tried another game, cause this also sounds like what happened when my laser lens “went bad” not really bad, but I had to take apart and clean lens with q-tip and alcohol, try another game, its my Bedtime so I can help tomorrow but also on twitter you can check with @ATVI_Mikey he is awesome Activision support

  4. So, this patch was to just enable the online for everyone? It wasn’t to fix the infinate care package glitch?

  5. There is already a care package glitch involving your smoke grenade by throwing it as your cooking your care package marker. Not sure how it works but played in a game where there were care package after care package.

  6. would like to add that one of the guys was talking to another dude in trying to teach him how to do it. I caught part of it, but I’m not ready to start with the glitches yet.

  7. yup, good ol’ error 80010514 … corrupt disk data… system reset then restored files… hmm… other games work… so does black ops … just not version 1.02 … is this a real ps3 problem ? or a joke? i KNOW my hdd is PERFECT! buuut,,, the “code” says otherwise . anyone of intelligence here?

  8. Dude,
    If you have a twitter account holla at ATVI_Mikey, or ATVI_Bernard, they are awesome at these type issues if you don’t have twitter and don’t want to sign up for some reason, I suppose I can be a “middle” guy for you but it will take longer u 2 me 2 him 2 me 2 u etc………….

  9. Hi i got i problem ibought black ops a couple of days ago and tried to play online it told me that i need to update it to 1.02 and i tried updating but its not working an error always pops up 80710 something its driving me crazy i tried to reset my router and internet connection but nothing is happening anyone can help me please !!

  10. Iv also been suffering the same problem since getting black ops.

    When the disc is put in i get ‘error 80010514′

    then after a while it will suddenly work after putting cds,games and dvds in and they all work fine APART FROM BLACK OPS!!

    Its is defiantly not my console as all other games/cds/dvds work as they should. I have reset my files which is supposed to sort out the error but no joy…

  11. im doing update 3.55 atm hope it will fix error 80010514 its after messin my ps3 up big time any1 at all got any info on this topic would be much appreciated

  12. wtf. Can anybody help me. When I start Black Ops on my ps3, a message comes up saying
    ” The latest update data for this software has been found.
    To sign in and use this software, you must update the software to the latest version.
    The system will quit the software and start installing.
    Version 1.05.”
    Except when this screen appears nothing happens. It just locks everything up and stays there. I have to restart my system from the console.

    Then, my Modern Warfare 2 is suddenly giving me some crap message about not being able to load trophies, so it wont let me play. Error 80022D11 if I remember correctly. Other games work fine.

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