Call of Duty Community is UP!

March 6, 2010 in NEWS

I posted earlier that I would have the Forums up and going by this weekend……………
Well, I decided to go one step further and instead of just having a Call of Duty forum (there are sooooo many) I thought, “why not have a community”. So CODBUNKER has morph’d into a Blog/Forum/Community. This is in beta form at the moment so there may be bugs (bear with me LOL) But here not only can you read about news, glitches, etc…..and post your thoughts on a forum……BUT….You can connect with you buddies online and make new ones. It is similar to a Facebook/MySpace type setup. Browse around, join, create your own groups and connect. You can even create your own PRIVATE groups (such as you clan) so only they can see it, then discuss your strategies. Have fun. Give feedback



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