Call of Duty Forum

March 3, 2010 in NEWS

Finishing up a Call of Duty Forum here on CODBUNKER is my goal by this weekend. I tried to integrate with current system last weekend…….major FAIL! So I am creating forum to reside separate from main system, yet still on CODBUNKER. CODBUNKER is also getting involved in social media………”It’s the thing to do nowadays” So I have already set up twitter account that you can follow, right now I am setting up a Facebook Fan Page. This may take more time than I thought, because I didn’t realize how EVERYBODY has a FB page. Just in the very beginnings of setting it up I seen lots of peeps I haven’t seen in YEARS! I am a sucker for wondering “Hey what ever happened to so and so?” I will try very hard to resist the social networking while tending to first, but it will be hard LOL. Also I will limit MW2 playing time, so nobody prestige without me, I’ll be back for some HQ soon.

I can call the forum…….um……forum, but thought of maybe CODBUNKER Chatter, scuttlebutt, locker, or outpost to name a few ideas………..Comment with your input and ideas!!!



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