Can’t Connect to Friends in Call of Duty?

October 23, 2010 in NEWS

In an earlier post “DO NOT BUY Netgear WNR2000v2 for COD” I pretty much “Flamed” Netgear for their response to some of my tweets. Before that post I talked about an issue that I started having with connecting to friends on Call of Duty (*PSN). Now I am curious how many of you out there have had or STILL have an issue like this and maybe we can point you in the right direction for help. 1st’ly let me update you on the Netgear response. I was pleased to see them act as a Billion dollar Publicly traded company with their last responses, and just a quickly as I can “Flame” a corp for stupidity, I give props where props are due. Here is their much more mature latest responses:

“codbunker I missed the “NO” next to NETGEAR – I wish we could have helped, but am glad you’re back online. DM me if we can help in future”

“codbunker PS – we will have a halloween promo for gamers on our Facebook page you may be interested in next week!

MUCH NICER Netgear and in return: Here is the link to their FB page so you can look for their “halloween promo” Netgear Facebook page

I am still curious though, Netgear…..Have you looked into the issue, the one I spoke of with the WNR2000v2 and if so, was it corrected. If you want a “Test” subject you can setup WNR2000v2 with PSN then friend request “Fierce181″ on PSN to troubleshoot by trying to connect to him (which I couldn’t)….Tell him CODBUNKER sentcha :)

NOW. Back to this issue. Do yo have this issue where there are certain people that you cannot connect to? If so please tell us in a comment the following: What ISP do you have, what Modem do you have, what router do you have, what does your “Nat” type say at the Menu Screen in COD6 (MW2)?? Do you know what DMZ is or port fowarding?? We will see if we can help; however, I’ve recently learned some of the BEST support (most with a :D ) is using twitter. Follow ATVI_Bernard, ATVI_Mikey, and if you have Charter ISP, CharterGeorge are some GREAT resources and I’m sure your ISP may have their own and your router too such as, following Netgear, Linksys…..etc. Twitter can in a lot of cases be MORE helpful than the company’s website or manual!


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