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Here is a quick breakdown and video of Clan Operations for Call of Duty Elite so sign up and get to ranking up your CLAN :D

Highlights as taken from Activision’s support page (full list and link at bottom)

Clan Operations are competitions which score players and Clans based on a specific statistic in a selected game mode over a pre-set period of time. Operations can range from Most Team Deathmatch Kills to Most Captures in Domination, generally last for three to four hours, and award real prizes and ELITE badges.

Clan Operations award Clan XP.

ONLY the scores of up to six Premium members of your Clan will count towards winning prizing.

Your Clan Leader must enlist your Clan into a Clan Operation through the “Compete” section of the ELITE website.

Prizes are awarded according to the Winning Criteria of a Clan Operation and your Clan’s performance on the Clan Operation Leaderboard.

An example of winning Criteria:
- Champion: Single best Clan
- Gold: 90-100%
- Silver: 75-90%
- Bronze: 50 75%

Only Premium members who are in the same region as their Clan Leader are eligible for physical prizing in Clan Operations.

Premium members in every region are eligible for Clan Operation digital prizing (badges & Clan XP).

You can confirm that your Clan is enlisted by checking the Clan Operation detail page. Your clan will show up as “Enlisted”

Some Clan Operations will offer real prizes and digital prizes such as badges and Clan XP as well.

Dependent upon the type and value of a prize, it may take seven to ten days after the conclusion of the Event or Operation to verify and notify potential winners by email.

You can tell which players’ scores count by checking the top 6 Premium members listed in the Your Clan’s Performance section of the Clan Operations details page.

Clan Operations earn your Clan XP within ELITE. This is separate to XP earned within the game.

The initial Clan Operations that will be made available are:

Co-Op Warriors – Highest Total Kills: Core Team Deathmatch

Sticky Fingers – Highest Total Captures: Core Domination

Flagged for Removal – Highest Total Defends: Core Domination

Clans can receive badges for their Clan Showcase and Clan XP to progress their Clan Level based off their performance in Clan Operations based off their performance. Clan Level unlocks include:

Clan members can participate in different lobbies.

You can find upcoming and in-progress Clan Operations by visiting the Compete section at

There is no minimum to participate. However, only the scores of up to six Premium members of your Clan will count towards winning Clan Operations.

FULL LIST OF FAQs for CLAN OPERATIONS from Activision Support


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