COD Elite Legend of Karl Video

June 9, 2011 in NEWS

Here is a video that explains the Upcoming Call of Duty Elite. Watch the video, it’s actually pretty funny, yet informative. COD Elite will have a paid aspect to it; however, Activision hasn’t released EXACTLY what that will be. Rumors are that ATVI wants to wait till MW3 comes out, and or, that they don’t have the ability to “show” those feature yet. Possibly due to giving away other surprises????? Who knows? Anyway it seems that the MAJORITY of it will be FREE.

Here is a list of What is FREE as posted from

~The ability to access Elite via the web as well as free smartphone and tablet applications for both iOS and Android.
~Cross-platform communication using web, mobile and console.
~Stat-tracking: kill-death ratios, score per minute and winning percentage, presented as charts and infographics.
~The ability to create custom leaderboards.
~Heat maps, allowing you to analyze your performance post-match.
~Analysis of weapons performance: what weapons are you best with, and on which maps?
~The ability to upload videos from Theater Mode.
~The ability to create and customize classes and loadouts via the web and mobile apps to have them ready to play when you log in to the game.
~The much-publicized Groups feature, allowing you to find players with common interests.
~Clan creation.
~Facebook integration, including the ability to search your Facebook friends lists for Call of Duty players.
~Automatic Group placement based on your Facebook profile.
~Cross-game career tracking, starting with Black Ops.


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