COD MW3 Blackout on 4-20

April 20, 2012 in Black Ops, ELITE, Infinity Ward, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, Sledgehammer

There has been a trickle of Modern Warfare 3 #Blackout hash tags on twitter and peeps discussing on FB. The “trickle” has been large enough to get noticed though. There is also a small “WhiteOut” movement (the antithesis of blackout movement) So TODAY is the day of the Blackout. I could not help but notice the IRONY of having the “BlackOut” on 420 (April 20th is Nat’l Pot Smoking Day). To make matters worse, Infinity Ward / SHG have announced DoubleXP across all platforms to celebrate the PS3′s DLC drop. So here’s what’s gonna happen (IMHO). Some blackout ‘ers will not have the willpower to pass up double xp; therefore, they will be playing. The 420 peeps are gonna get celebrate the blackout by getting stoned, only to later forget about blackout and that they were “mad” at IW/SHG and log on to play and give non-420 ‘ers like my self DOUBLEXP :P (slow reaction time, LOL) Then there is the rest of us (the majority). We are gonna play regardless because it’s not JUST the game, but “hanging” with our pals & clanmates that is part of the fun in the game. Don’t disregard that “we” (those of us playing) are not irritated at many aspects of MW3 that CERTAINLY need improving, not to mention BeachHead Studios “ELITE” that has been a TOTAL wreck. But IMHO, a “blackout” is not going to solve this. If you are THAT unhappy with the game/franchise, DO NOT PURCHASE IT this November (when BlackOps2 is sure to come out), if it’s just IW/SHG’s Modern Warfare series, DON’T PURCHASE THE NEXT MW RELEASE! This is what get’s Activisions attention………MONEY, not a blackout. I personally feel the franchise has been hurt somewhat by the lack of leadership and DISCONNECT, but I also feel that come NOVEMBER, Mark Lamia will surprise all of us and take the “franchise” into his capable hands with Treyarch and turn UP the COD fever a notch………This is my opinion, but just REMEMBER that I said here and now (BTW, I already told you above I’m not a partaker of 420, so don’t say I’m “smoking” anything :P ) Anyways, who’s gonna join me and get some DubXP :) “It’ll make you feel good………..go ahead and try it……” (I couldn’t resist!)

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  1. I read somewhere that on May 5th they are going to release the first trailer for Black Ops 2. Been hotly leaked that Zombies are definitely part of Blops2 and a rumor also going around that they are doing a zombies campaign. I’ve also seen a lot of people debunking the zombies campaign theory.

    Don’t know about the blackout. I’ll be playing tonight getting some of that double xp.

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