COD7 1st Teaser Trailer Released Friday Night!!!

April 29, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

According to Treyarch’s front man Josh Olin “aka JD_2020″ (His tweets seen at right sidebar—>) GameTrailersTV (GTTV) on Spike TV will show the premiere TEASER TRAILER for Call of Duty #7. He posted 12:40am Friday night (technically 12:40am Saturday morning) as the time it will air. I’m not sure if this is EST (New York time) so I looked up schedule on Spike TV. GTTV is aired on Spike TV at 12am-12:30am. So if I were you, I’d suggest you DVR the block 12am-1am or just watch that block of time. It will of course make its way to utoob and then I will link it here of course for those that missed it. CODBUNKER is getting excited ;-)
Spike COD7



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  1. Thanks for the up-to-dates in the COD community.

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