COD7 Black Ops Connection Song!

January 15, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS

“TryHardNinja” has written a song (which is downloadable on Youtube) to ease your suffering of those possibly THOUSANDS (if not 10′s of thousands) of Playstation 3 (PS3) owners that purchased Call of Duty Black Ops, only to sit there for an hours and get to play only 1 match………..IF THAT!!! So those of you afflicted with a “Moderate NAT” or worse yet the “STRICT NAT” I highly suggest that you download this song and play it while attempting to play COD7, or at least, watch it here over and over again. I think that it MAY just keep you from snapping your $60 USD disc in half……just maybe. Black Ops is one of the most anticipated FPS games of ALL TIME and has shattered records in sales. So instead of thinking that with this type of revenue, that Treyarch/Activision/Playstation can “fix” this issue with SOME of these funds…….Just enjoy the song, it will soothe you ;-) Treyarch may snub their nose at the sarcasm here, but lets look some facts. If you have these “NAT” types in COD7 and MW2 then there is a possibility that the issue lies in YOUR internet setup. If MW2 works fine (open NAT) then there is a good chance that the cause of this is COD7 Black Ops!!! Finally if they have made this game SO SECURE relative to previous releases, and you have to have a VERY SPECIFIC setup for it to work…….SHOULDN’T there be a warning label on the side stating that “Prior to use of this game you must have a Network Engineer, preferably with CompTIA Security+ certification setup up your internet connection, with possible assistance from your ISP” Also, WHY is this happening ONLY to the PS3 it seems???? STOP IT STOP iT!!! This IS NOT a conspiracy as I have heard from some……….FACT is Xbox only uses 1 port, much easier to work with! I feel your frustrations, (I have PERFECT NAT, and even I get kicked quite a few times a day, 3%-5% of the time maybe), but until they come out with “Connection Pro” class, just keep playing the song :) They will eventually fix this I’m sure (fingers crossed) :D

Oh…and Tks to MadSurfer365 for the tweet about this hilarious song and to “TryHardNinja” for posting it on youtube……..Make sure you “LIKE”


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