COD7 Black Ops “First Strike” DLC Video

January 17, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS

Here is the “First Look” at “First Stike”, The Call of Duty Black Ops first Map Pack DLC coming February 1, 2011 to Xbox, then to all other platforms 30 days later. It looks like its gonna be one of the BEST DLC’s (IMHO) of any DLC I’ve seen from any COD, time will tell though. But it looks like, by the video, that there is something for all types of players, snipers, running and gunning, and even campers :) I’m really looking forward to this Map Pack, since I personally think (by how it looks from vid) that its maps are better than ANY of the games original maps. Check it out, tell us what you think?!


7 responses to COD7 Black Ops “First Strike” DLC Video

  1. Yes i cant freaking wait!!!!!! haha and i have an xbox

  2. Can’t wait either. I’m getting bored of the current maps and those do look a lot better than what we have been playing with. I have an xbox 360 as well, so it won’t be long. I would be going crazy if I had a PS3 as I’m not a very patient person. I’m also interested in seeing what new Zombie map we’re gonna see. I’ve read rumors about it being based off of Launch. Thanks for posting this, I’ve been waiting for a sneak peek.

  3. I say all ps3 players go back to mw2 to show we want maps same time xbox dose. on feb 1

  4. steven that sounds like a great idea, but im sure that they wont care because we dont pay for play and xbox does, and microsoft payed a few mills to have it early, so we screwed, they rather have xbox on there side, then us ps3 players

  5. so. im playing cod4 or mw2 on feb 1st.. so come join me

  6. I have a PS3 and i am not patient so… It s. TOO LONG!!!!!! And add me its OhMyGaD_97

  7. Logan,I think these maps are pretty cool and i think the two best maps would have to be Berlin Wall,and,Kowloon.:)

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