COD7 Black Ops Map Names and more!

November 4, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

More info filtering in from inside sources: Mostly Maps names.
Here is a list of MOST COD7 BlackOps Maps:
- Array
- Cracked
- Crisis
- Firing Range
- Grid
- Jungle
- Launch
- Radiation
- Villa

and finally the only Zombie map:
- Kind der Toten

For a total of 14 multiplayer maps and 1 zombie map

6 “Different Military Forces” and 15 facepaints available……….

That’s all I’ve heard for now :D
5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to COD7 Black Ops Map Names and more!

  1. by the way theres 3 zombie maps, kino der toten, five, and black ops arcade…

  2. Hi.
    On the rcon program for CoD BO there are other names on them. Just if someone maybe wanted to know:
    Array = Array
    Cario = Havana
    Cosmodrome = Launch
    Cracked = Cracked
    Crisis = Crisis
    Duga = Grid
    Firing Range = Firing Range
    Hanoi = Hanoi
    Havoc = Jungle
    Mountain = Summit
    Nuked = Nuketown
    Radiation = Radiation
    Russian Base = WMD
    Villa = Villa

  3. Thomander,
    I did not know this (and I suspect many others didn’t) so tks for the “trivia” ………nice stuff to know

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