COD7 Black Ops MP Reveal

September 1, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Happening right now, Call of Duty’s Treyarch is holding a MultiPlayer Reveal. For information as fast as it happens JD_2020 (Josh Olin) says to follow here I was sitting here waiting to participate and doing “Live Blogging” of the event, then decided that it would be better to be a little bit more patient and wait for the end, so I can compile it all for you right here without having to sit and wait for each bit of info; therefore, giving us more time to get back to playing what we love, Call of Duty!!! So when its been completed and all the info is in, I will scourer the blogs for you and find the kewl videos and post them. If you are one that has to have the info RIGHT now then I suggest you follow link above, if you are not and have a little bit more patience (plus want to play COD) then rest assured……You’ll find it here……..Now who wants to play some HQ??????????



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  1. argh i want to play black ops so bad right now :(

  2. Sean,

    Just do what I’m doing right now so you don’t drive yourself crazy, LOL. Just put in WaW, and Play MP or Zombies or put in MW2, I personally am playing MW2 right now, having fun, then will recap it all L8r…. :)

  3. I dont haz WaW, i lent it to my mate lol :( i only got COD 4 and MW2 and none of them compare to the gameplay ive seen of Black Ops lol

  4. This anticipation is all fine and dandy but i am waiting for the biggest news and that is about the details on subscription on PC multiplayer. I understand that Treyarch has said that multiplayer would be free but i heard that it would only apply to a scaled down version of the multiplayer. If there is a fee than it will fail. I know my clan and many others will not pusue this game if that is the case. We are looking at MOH for this reason.

  5. Okay, im not all completly sure about the whole mp reveal today. Are they going to make videos of it or are they just goin to blog it all? If any1 has any info, please leave a comment. Cause im cluless of what im waiting for. Thanks alot guys.

  6. BigJonesey,
    They are having a Complete Multiplayer Reveal in L.A , California tonight 6pm California time. Those that are there will be able to watch, but there probably won’t be video’s released until after its completed, you should see them by at least tomorrow I suppose, but there will be live blogging going on to those that are in attendence and they will post all the “news” of what perks, weapons, etc that you’ll see, but as I stated earlier, I will have that all here by tomorrow, with better details as it won’t be “breaking” and conjecture of various different bloggers opinions..etc…….hope that answered you ????

  7. i can play some hq invite samua1981 is my psn

  8. Sniper Al,
    If your looking for PC info, I suggest you follow some peeps that I follow on twitter:
    THErealRUDEDOG and TermFury to suggest a few…………. I will also start posting some PC stuff here soon, as I learn more bout it, LOL, I’ve been a console guy so far………..

  9. Ahhh okay i get it now. Thank you BuckeyeTC, you helped me alot. Thanks for the info, and you answered my question, well all of them. Thanks again, and ill be sure to come to your sight first thing tomorrow before iI go to any others.

  10. Samuel,
    I have a psn too. Ill play anything, i just need to pass time. my user is BRAXDAMAN

  11. wut up sam!!!
    We are just bout to finish up, holla atcha l8r………………..

  12. Not much to report just yet, heading to bed hear on the east coast (may have a hurricane “Earl” to deal with tomorrow, but) , but we’ll hopefully have vids and ALL the news to post in am to mid-day (EST)………………

  13. hey buck i sent you a psn request the other day looks like i got shot down/ whats the deal? anyone else pls add DEEPSIX86 I play day and night mostly hardcore but up for anything/ im a shift worker who barely sleeps

    CHEERS Cmon Black Ops

  14. Lol, im in the UK so i stayed up until 3am, and then it said we are having technical issues and was like screw it, it will be on codbunker.

  15. Comment removed :)

  16. Comment removed :)

  17. Video is online,

  18. Comment removed…………… :)
    Potential copyrighted material……………
    next two same reason……..

  19. Tks once again Gizmo!!!
    I posted you link on FrontPage……………………

    FYI, I have links blocked in comments (for security reasons) but I still see them on my side and when they’re kewl like most of yours, I put em out there…………

  20. Dave,

    VERY GOOD comment; however, I hope you did not cut and paste from another website escpecially without giving credit, if so I will have to take it down, I will review further tonight we I leave day job, but if this is your stuff, WHY AREN’T YOU WRITING FOR CODBUNKER?????????? :)

  21. Yeah Buck take er down. I got excited with the news so I pasted it in. I cannot receive credit for the articles. Sorry folks Dave=Fail

  22. Dave=”Just excited like the rest of us”
    not “fail”
    Just remember in the future, if you quote anothers work, give credit to “snippets” not the whole article and/or summarize…………
    Saaaahllllllllll Good……………….

  23. D6,
    I don’t add to BuckeyeTC (It is for “Local” peeps and LONG time m8′s) ,

    Try codbunker-com
    I OCCASIONALLY add peeps to that one, especially those active on, like urself………….. :D

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