COD7 Black Ops Prestige Emblems

November 7, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

I’ve been getting mail and comments for “Please Treyarch give us the Prestige Emblems for Black Ops” So to satisfy the masses (you do know its gonna be out in less than 30 hours or so :D ) anyways……here is a screen capture of a video I found on youtube…….so I can’t guarantee its authenticity, but looks somewhat legit ;-)



60 responses to COD7 Black Ops Prestige Emblems

  1. haha i rock no hacks and i am 13th get a life u hackers

  2. 9th NO HACKS NEEDED can’t wait for mw3 hope they put a stop to hacking finally.

  3. Im 6th prestige woo! :D

  4. prestige 10 no hacks …dont add littelman 141 he will hack your accounts and try to hack all your other accounts..BE WARNED.

  5. lolololol im 15th legit

  6. Ohh yea im 12th!

  7. wow im prestige 1 but im a sniper and anti camper and anti anti sniper!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. prestige 2 today on wii woo!!!

  9. im only a 7th and ive had the game for a year

  10. im pro u a ho______QS all day oh and ah im 16th because i mod

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