COD7 Black Ops Prestige Emblems

November 7, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

I’ve been getting mail and comments for “Please Treyarch give us the Prestige Emblems for Black Ops” So to satisfy the masses (you do know its gonna be out in less than 30 hours or so :D ) anyways……here is a screen capture of a video I found on youtube…….so I can’t guarantee its authenticity, but looks somewhat legit ;-)



60 responses to COD7 Black Ops Prestige Emblems

  1. send me the english version of the prestige emblems and how to hack to 15th prestige

  2. There is no prestige hack :D

  3. I’m sure peeps are working on that already LOL ;-)

  4. hackin bastards

  5. earn ur 10th, hackin’ noobs =0

  6. btw thanks for showning the emblems

  7. I Am second prestige on cod 7 black ops :P unhacked it is so easy to level up :/

  8. @ NoLifeCOD It’s 15th prestige… also hacks is not possible on blackops now, since you can report players.

  9. well im 5 th prestige suck on that

  10. im on lvl 26

  11. sock me over noobs xD

  12. im 15 prestige freak treyarch haha cats

  13. I don’t see why you kids hack just do it legit ya bums, it’s not even that hard to level up like seriously. That’s pathetic.

  14. @ Psychological Your pathetic, calling people kids because you disapprove of something, grow up. You don’t like it then gtfo.

  15. @ Everyone who gives a shit about prestige hackers:
    Why the hell does anybody care if someone hacks or not?
    You can get it legitimately on your own, so do that… Leave the other people alone, they get it how they want, don’t bitch at people just because they get to a higher rank before you. You don’t own everything about the game, so they can do what they want. ;)

  16. This game is way easy to level up, hack if you want, it’s no one else’s choice for you. When you legit get 15th prestige be happy, you earned it, as for hackers, atleast you can say you are!

  17. hahahaha! hacks have ALREADY BEEN DONE!

  18. I’m 7th presige legit,

  19. im a cod addict <3

  20. im 1st prestigue say numfinn JHEEEEEEZE

  21. im gettin 15th free

  22. im gettin 15th free !

  23. im 0 prestige level 30 lol

  24. im 3rd prestige in 2day playing time and 1 hr :) get good hackers my ratio is 2.11…
    Get Good Noobs :P

  25. Prestige hack has been patched cock suckers!!

  26. I”m 15th prestige i’ve played 10 days total without any hacks

  27. i have 3056 headshots so that explains how quick i leveld

  28. 2000 kills with the famas

  29. i also have an aimbot

  30. why wud ne1 hack 15th its ment to be the reward you get for playing and having fun so if you don’t enjoy playing CoD enough to get 15th why are you so keen to hack what you should get by just having fun and playing the game!!!!

  31. ite boi i made it to 15th on xbox on 26 accounts daddy x fatality xxx fatality yo gsx dynamic xx b3nniboi xx and many more if u want a lobby send a message to fatality xxx

  32. On s’en collis serieu!

  33. Esti bande de fif

  34. 12 looks awesome its my favorite (:

  35. My mate got peed because i prestiged before him lol

  36. gay boys hackin it

  37. I am 10th Prestige LvL 49 right now. On the Spider Emblem!

  38. 11th Looks the best.

  39. D’ Optic,
    I got some catching up to do :P I’m on 9th on PS3, but lost chance to jump up on that cuz i Played my “new” Xbox during double XP (only prestige ZERO on Xbox :( )

  40. plz i want to get me prest 14


  42. Im 4 prestige 35lvl xbox360

  43. 1m on my third prestige. if u have a PS3 my online name is


  44. i have hack to lvl 50 i am p 15 lvl 50 ;) on Ps3 So Add Me: Felixcool

  45. who will have hack to lvl 50? ADD ME: felixcool

  46. TT3 said on April 3, 2011

    i like the 9th presige

  47. Ffg said on April 9, 2011

    Sad all of you if your 15 prestige your sad its a game not an obsession

  48. prestige 4.. and im lovin the game, except for the fucking campers with ghost >.>…

  49. im 8th bitch suck on that

  50. i bet im the only gamer to also double as an ncaa track and field champion. f all yall fat lazy nerds who think a poptart is breakfast. get rid of ur kanlkles and exercise. 10 prestige btw. had a 3.0 kd but started playing ctf to get dat marathon pro. killed m yration but who care cuz i kno im better than u. name is walter dix btw

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