COD7 Black Ops Release Weekend Review

November 14, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

OMG, Have I been waiting on Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops to arrive and HAS IT EVER! So now with about 6 days of playtime with Black Ops I finally figured I had enough of a feel of it to give a fair REVIEW. I will say before I start; however, that I am still getting a “feel for it” due to the seemingly complexity of the Multiplayer Online aspect of it. Also IF you haven’t tried the Zombies or the Campaign Modes and you don’t want any Potential Spoilers……..Then STOP READING NOW…….just in case :) The first thing I played was the Zombies, then Online Multiplayer, then some Campaign, then the AI Multiplayer, and finally finished the Campaign.

I will start with the Zombies. Zombie Mode is OFF THE HOOK!!! You can play Kino der Toten right off the bat, then unlock the “FIVE” aka “Pentagon” Map, and finally the RETRO :D “Dead Ops Arcade” (I have the Prestige Ed. so I also have the 4 maps from WaW) So with the Zombie mode ALONE you have almost 3 games in one! Arcade Style, WaW style, and then the NEW style :D To make it short and sweet these “new” zombies are vicious, its very hard to hold one at the window and they don’t play around even on level 1 they will Bitch Slap you in a second if they are close. OMG and the new Creepy Crawlers…..THEY ARE SIC !!! The only “bad” thing I can say so far on zombie mode is in the WaW pack when you throw a Rusgren “Stick” grenade after it lands the symbol turns into a circular grenade as in the Multiplayer nade. So basically so far all I can say about Zombie mode is BLACK OPS ZOMBIES=HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Campaign Mode:
I started playing (just checking it out) Campaign Mode at “almost bedtime” I was tired from playing MP Online. I had NO IDEA that I would get SUCKED INTO the storyline as I did……fast forward to 4am :( Yes I couldn’t stop. The Storyline, Graphics, and ALL THE THINGS you get to Drive/ride….Motorcycles, Helo’s, Boats, Trucks, SR-71 Blackbird…..OMG :D The storyline does “bounce” around a lil (like were not used to our fav TV shows doing that….ala “LOST”) and it can be a bit confusing, but YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS MODE :D The only downside I can think of is the “LOST” effect and that it has been reported in the news that CUBA is pissed off at the game for the “Castro” Assassination (Attempt or Success…don’t wanna ruin it for ya) Maybe Treyarch could’ve consulted with the Cubans first………….YEA RIGHT!!!! :D It’s not like Treyarch had you run through and Airport and gun down Innocent civialians ;-) Campaign Mode=BITCH’N

Online Multiplayer:
This is where things start get fuzzy for me. There are SO MANY good things to say, yet there are a few complaints as well. Player customization…..OMG This is So AWESOME!!! With the COD Money system you can totally create your player and load outs in SO MANY ways it’s UN FREAK’n BELIEVABLE!!! Game play is superb, but I still have to get a feel for all the different weapons but I like they way each and every one has its ups and downs…….You can’t slap Stopping Power on a cheesy gun and make it a beast. How about the world map at the Bottom left… kewl is that???? Showing us how many and who/where people are online! Then you’ll notice at the bottom a “ticker tape” of “useless facts” which IMO are very kewl, within the first day I seen “over 3+ Billion rounds have been fired” come scrolling across the screen :) On to the downside, Treyarch has some bugs to work out like: Sometimes the Microphone is not shown when friends have theirs on, yet you can hear them. Also sometimes there is a massive echo. I have heard many complaints on “LAG” which I have experienced maybe……15% of the time? I have also heard the PC community had some big issues with the LAG and other complaints. Some peeps get “dropped” a lot (ala my M8 “BIG_M_A_R_R_A”) As I stated earlier I can’t make a Pure judgment on the Online Multiplayer till I get a better feel of it. So you’ll have to log on and play then comment to assist in the analysis of the Online MP portion but for now I will say ONLINE MULTIPLAYER=SUCCESS (with some mending here and there ;-) )

OMG…I almost forgot

(I already posted this info, but should be included here)



5 responses to COD7 Black Ops Release Weekend Review

  1. LOL, I didn’t even mention the “Theater Mode” there is SO MUCH to cover on this game I think its gonna take Multiple reviews LOL :D

  2. Great review. I played Black Ops at a Friends house..
    And what i can say is, that 60% of all the games we play,
    r full with Lag.. Also Host Migration, don’t work all the time..

    That’s not the only thing, sometimes the game just Freeze..
    And the PS3 System just Restarts..Somebody got this happend too?

    Can’t wait till ur next review!

  3. Yeah i have experienced the lag, but you figure so many people on playing on their server!!!!lol. I love cod, and this is a awesome game =p

  4. Yeah it’s insane how much people playing online @ Black Ops.
    Let’s hope it’s getting better with the Lag.

  5. I lag a LOT. But oh well, hopefully it’ll get better. Host Migration is 104349329 times better than MW2′s. ;)
    Oh yeah, they smashhheddd MW2′s record by like 50 million dollars? Beast. Haha.

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