COD7 Black Ops Rules and Guidelines?

November 24, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch, NEWS

Treyarch has released its: “Black Ops Security & Enforcement Policy” via

It looks as if they wanted all the millions of Call of Duty Black Ops game owners to know their “Rules” 2 weeks after they have released the game. (I didn’t see these in the pamphlet that came with the game) Never the less, It is also noteworthy that ALL the “Glitches” in Zombies have been patch also, such as the “Table Glitch” etc. (Which IMO is CLEARLY NOT A GLITCH but was programmed in the game, just as there has always been a zombie “glitch” (easter egg) in all of them until the next map came out, which would not be “exploitation” )

I will post the info from the above link at the bottom of this post in bold, but wanted to point out a few items and get you opinions on them.

Clearly this is a LEGAL issue as it involves reverse engineering, etc of Treyarch/Activisions code. I have no problems with this, nor do I believe any of you do.

Kinda iffy on this issue, LEGALLY speaking, if Treyarch’s programming ALLOWS for this, then how can they legally enforce it NOT being done??? I’m against boosters; however, you need to look at this one from a LEGAL point of view (I am not a lawyer, but I’ll bet there is a STRONG case against banning for this)

This one is even more iffy. Since the 8088 processor has been around there have been programmers putting easter eggs inside of their code with every intention of you finding it, even if THEY had to leak it. This is how I believe some of the Zombie “easter eggs/glitches” have been done, it seems to be crystal clear to me. Secondly if somebody finds an error with a Game’s programming, are they REALLY doing anything illlegal, EVEN if they are looking for the errors. It would seem to me that the Programmers would be thankful it is found, (If it is a legitimate error) so they can correct it. This actually enhances their ablitiy to provide the “Best Product” to the consumer, IMHO. Banning them???? It’s YOUR CODE, YOU FIX IT, BE RESPONSIBLE and accept the fact that you messed up, we are ALL only human, fix it, don’t ban and say “BAD BOY” just say thanks, fix it and we all move on :)

Offensive Emblems:
Hmmm….. Who actually determines what is art and what is offensive? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff already that I may not agree with; however, Treyarch HAS GIVEN THIS ABILITY! I also believe that this game is rated “M” for Mature. Some would say the language used in the game is offensive, then don’t buy it, heed the Mature label. Secondly didn’t MW2 have Pot Leafs all over the place for titles, emblems, etc… illegal drug? Once again, it is for the MATURE. Bottom line on this one, maybe just as we have a mute button, they should install a block view button of peeps emblems????

We all want COD7 to BEAST; however, it sounds like Treyarch/Activision is wanting to play “Big Brother” and I will all but guarantee that that will be a huge blow the the COD Empire and the games lurking in the shadows to take its place will seize the moment. I never want to see this happen, so can get back to the basics and ATVI, IW, 3Arc, and SHG just make the games, let us play them and steer their direction (as the consumer) and You all go after the “Hackers/Modders” with all you might, not the consumers??? Just my suggestion………….What say you?????

Source: “Link at top of page”
“Hey Black Ops Community –

Treyarch is committed to providing all gamers with the best online experience possible, and that means maintaining the game’s integrity. We have a zero tolerance policy against exploitation, and this is to protect the many gamers who go online to compete and have legitimate fun. Below is a brief outline of our security and enforcement policy which will remain posted and will get updated here.

The team at Treyarch has worked very hard to create a fun, competitive online environment, and we want to keep this environment clean so that the game can be played as it was intended. Users who abuse the game through modding, boosting, glitching or making offensive emblems degrade the online experience for others, and we will take action to prevent this from happening.

Keep it clean. Play nice. Have fun.

- Team Treyarch


Users who have modified their hardware and have run hacked script or code. This includes modifying profile data to use illegal characters in a player’s name.

• Instant permaban. You will no longer be allowed to play the game online, and you will be reported to the console manufacturers.

Users who organize to exploit the game for the explicit purpose of ranking up very quickly or to appear in a high position on the leaderboards.

• Minor offense: Temp ban, complete stats reset, leaderboard entries removed once
• Major offense: Temp ban, complete stats reset, permanent ban from appearing on the leaderboards
• Extreme or repeat offenses: Permaban from playing the game online

Users who go out of their way to exploit the game to grief other players. An example would be going outside of the map’s clearly defined playable boundary.

• Minor offense: Temp ban from playing the game online
• Major offense: Extended temp ban from playing the game online
• Extreme or repeat offenses: Permaban from playing the game online

Offensive emblem makers
Users who create emblems that are sexually gratuitous or racially offensive.

• Minor offense: 2-week ban from using the emblem editor, emblem reset to default, emblem purchases wiped
• Major offense: Permanent ban from using the emblem editor”


5 responses to COD7 Black Ops Rules and Guidelines?

  1. I would like to see how they plan to inplement this as i personally know that you can report someone a unlimited (as fast as your fingers can work anyway) number of times in the pre-match lobby’s and then again when you open your friends list you can see all the players met and still do it from there.

    What i’m getting at is i’ve reported people for blantenly cheating or boosting about 100 time in the pre match lobby alone how are they going to count the number of reports or limit the number of times a player gets reported on by one person or are they going to take a player and see if they have numerous reports from a larger number of other players??

  2. This “Report” thing WILL NOT WORK IMO because there is no way to keep up with the MILLIONS of reports, only those that get Thousands of reports will actually be looked at…………..IMO

  3. why i have error :
    has been permanently banned from using this feature ?

  4. I received a 48 hour ban three days ago. Let me say that I have NEVER done anything like hacking, modding, cheating, glitching, or whatever the other names for it are. I have nothing offensive on my clan tag or profile and usually don’t even use a mic when I play. So what did I get banned for? I figured it was because I logged on, joined a game, and then got a phone call. I went back to the game and was banned. No my 8 days of ranking, something around prestige 5 or 6 was erased and back to private. I played all the time but this just plain sucks, I did NOTHING to receive a reset. Ok, I vented, no more Treyarch games for me and don’t think I will be buying any for my kids either.

  5. modders of they mod it but do not make a difference just say different look get over it
    if they do change the game then ban
    hackers ban
    boosters really? thats an issue there already enough stuff in place making it difficult to boost
    offensive emblems it rated m if you dont like it dont look or dont play besides im sure 99% of people dont care anyway and will have even a laugh at some inappropriate emblems and for the few that do care there not the sort u want to here the opinion of anyway

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