COD7 Black Ops SOUNDTRACK is Here!!!

November 13, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Call of Duty Black Ops has released a bitching SOUNDTRACK to the EPIC COD7 game. I have the link here in this post, but will keep the link on the sidebar to the right so not only can you purchase and own some of the kewl songs (I plan on sending to my Droid and making them ringtones :D ) but you can also just click on it and start the “previews” to listen to them while your perusing :D I’ve always wanted to see some of these songs from the Call of Duty Franchise be put into an album, so Thanks Treyarch for FINALLY doing it.

Oh and don’t forget you can still get “Beauty of Annihilation” from Der Riese Zombies at this link here:
Download Beauty of Annihilation


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  1. Just noticed that this is not available for 3 more days…..November 16th; however, you can still enjoy the music and it will be there for quite some time on the right side of codbunker…………… enjoy while you check out the site then come back Nov 16 and get it……..I will :D

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