COD7 BlackOps MP Reveal Wager Match Video!!!

September 2, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Here is a quick recap of the COD7 “Black Ops” Multiplayer reveal, as I have been stating all along, this will be an EPIC win for Treyarch in the Call of Duty franchise!!!
There are some snippets listed below, from various sources across the www (including FB and Tweets), read through those, then make SURE to watch the videos below!!!
Great Stuff, can’t wait!!!
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Wager Match is introduced, (basically 6 man ffa)
where you wager your “COD buck$” which gives more to the 1v1 “callouts” you hear all the time when you whoop somebody……
now you can take thier COD $$$$ :)

Combat Training
Single Player Multiplayer vs. a computer AI to hone MP skills and it has a leveling up system

Game winning killcam is back

Juggernaut is GONE!

Stopping Power is GONE!

Commando is GONE!

One Man Army (OMA) GONE!

Bling is back as “OverLord” (in tier 2)

Flamethrower attachments for guns? (Not sure on this one yet)

Some sniper scopes have multiple zoom lengths. :)

Spectator Mode

You can Record Matches

Snow Maps

Jungle Maps (Of course)

Urban Maps

Contains 4 different free-for-all gametypes. (You have to wager to play them)

One in the Chamber
You start with 1 bullet, If you miss, your down to your knife.

Sticks and Stones
You get a crossbow and a tomahawk, if you shoot opponent in the back, they are done (moneyless).

Gun Game
All players start with pistols, but with each kill you level up to better weaponsthen progress to the next weapons level with each kill. There are 20 to work through,
but it you manage to kill yourself, or get wiped out in any other humiliating way, you go back down a level.

Sharp Shooter
Players start with the same random weapon, which only lasts for a short time, then all will be switched to different weapon

SPECIAL care package weapons are Chaingun, Grim Reaper, and SAM

Top killstreak is 11 and is the gunship, and you can’t use killstreaks to get to the next “counted” kill.

DOGS are back! :)

New 3d character avatars. You can purchase items to customize with your “COD buck$”

No leveling up to get guns or attachments or perks…. You buy with “COD buck$” whenever you want to spend it

Your Tier 1 perk affects your appearance on how your look in the game

Emblem editor

Customize your OWN gun, even the color of you sights, plus put YOUR emblem on YOUR gun!

…….Black Ops WAGER Match……….


10 responses to COD7 BlackOps MP Reveal Wager Match Video!!!

  1. Looks and sounds like this is going to be one of the best yet, however still no confirmation of a Zombie like multi or co-op.

  2. I love the new challenge music. Dun dun dun dun dadada!

  3. ok so the game looks beast no doubt about it but does any1 know how u get the money and stuff for weps and wager matches? like do u just get money as u win games or is there special challenges u have to do?

  4. Video no longer working……

  5. tks Gizmo,
    I’ll have it fixed in a jiffy :)

  6. The “Montage MP” video, it was copyrighted and was removed; therefore, I removed it, added “Official” Wager Match Vid, and the “official” Multiplayer play can be seen in video from post above

  7. I have done some research this time and checked many sources . This is not a quote but my own from information gathered. Although tight lipped about zombies I have come across info that suggests the additional 4 maps in prestige and hardened editions are the WAW zombie maps. That being said if you dont want the additional items(authentic medal avatar outfits etc..) save your cash for more likely than not 15 dollar DLC’s in the future… I would also believe that at some point possible they will make those additional maps avail thru a DLC of sorts

  8. D6,
    The 4 maps you are talking about……..WILL BE the WaW maps……Not sure where I read this but it was leaked then pulled, then it was confirmed due to leak………..

  9. YOU DO HAVE TO LEVEL UP STILL TO UNLOCK ITEMS!Once you unlock them you have to buy them. SO YOU HAVE TO LEVEL UP.

  10. lol got cod7 wat lvl u get crossbow attachments?

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