COD7 “First Strike” Map Pack 1 DLC Trailer!

January 25, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS

Here is a video of the February 1st (for Xbox only, March 1 for all others) Map Pack 1 for Call of Duty Black Ops DLC. I may have to go buy me an Xbox this weekend, I don’t know if I can wait another month :) It looks pretty awesome! Check it out!


4 responses to COD7 “First Strike” Map Pack 1 DLC Trailer!

  1. so excited gonna get them day 1 and play them till my eyes bleed :D

  2. Buck, go get an xbox and get the map pack, and hmu so we can play!

  3. Boots,
    I have 3 PS3′s and am “semi” talking to a local buddy around here that has 2 xbox’s about a trade, we haven’t talked about it in a few days though, so maybe I need to bring it up again, or just go buy the “damned” thing outright LOL

  4. i love black opulars!

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