March 14, 2010 in NEWS

As I stated in previous posts, CODBUNKER will run CONTESTS every once in a while, to give back to the active members of this site, as well as to help the site grow. I also stated that I would randomly give prizes away without warning, LOL. Well CONGRATS to DAN (aka bluewolf1023 ), bluewolf1023YOU HAVE WON A RANDOM PRIZE. Dan commented on a post of a contest to give away a copy of Modern Warfare 2 that I posted last year, I secretly have been waiting for somebody to take interest in these contests and was an active participant on the website. Dan you have won “THAT” prize, you will receive a copy of MW2 for PS3 (used for one week, but in mint condition).

Now back to this Post’s Title:
I am going to run new contest to give away $50 USD, straight up cash (via PayPal), spend it where you want, or transfer it to your bank!!!
PayPal image

Here is how to do it:
1. You must be an active member of CODBUNKER. (Having at least 3 posts anywhere)
2. You invite your friends to JOIN CODBUNKER.
3. When your friend that you referred joins he/she needs to make a post stating you (Your username) invited them to join in order to receive credit for that person. (Preferably in the Activity section of their profile)
4. They in turn can join the contest also.
5. The person with the most referrals will win $50.
6. Contest will run until March 24, 2010 6pm EST USA (New York Time)
7. You must be in a country that accepts PayPal.
8. You cannot create multiple accounts, or fictitious people, there are ways to verify this, so DON’T EVEN TRY or you will of course be banned.
8. You must HAVE FUN!

Those people on my PSN “friends list” (peeps I play with online) and family and friends will of course not be eligible for this contest for obvious potential “conflict of interest” reasons.

This site is growing fast! But the more we have, more traffic we have, the more CODBUNKER can give back. Our philosophy is to be the best “hang out” for COD junkies on the net, but also we want to GIVE BACK. This site is ad driven, and needs the traffic to accomplish our philosophy so have fun and help us help YOU!



4 responses to CODBUNKER CONTEST for $50 DOLLARS

  1. Quick question – do you have any defense against the potential member signing up for 250 junk email accounts just to “refer” them to CODBunker?

    Curious because I’ve known people in the past who have done these kinds of things, and while anyone can do it, some have the time and energy to create hundreds of them (or they use a program) while others do things legitimately.

    Thank you for this contest, by the way. :)


  2. Charneus,

    I see everything on this end (server side) I know where each visitor comes from, etc. For instance, You have now used 3 different email accounts, and Your IP resolves to a place in NY. Plus there is more.
    But of course, good advice.


  3. I got it in the mail today. Thanks again

  4. Dan,
    Good to hear, I was just gonna send you a note to see if you got it, I figured you’d got is yesterday……..USPS=slow LOL

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