CODBUNKER MLG & GameBattles Team forming!

April 1, 2012 in GameBattles, MW3, NEWS

gamebattles-logoCODBUNKER has created a Premium MLG GameBattles team. We are “getting our feet wet” with PS3 MW3 Team Core Ladder, and will branch out from there. We are in the process of recruiting inside of our PS3 CODBUNKER Clan at the moment, and will hold “tryouts” this week, and hopefully have a “core” team by this weekend. Then if others out there are looking for a Clan and GB team that’s motto is “It’s all about the W” then we will have “tryouts” with the formed team talked about above. We want to get our feet wet, and play around at first (get a feel for it) but then we are going to take this as serious as we can, because CODBUNKER does nothing unless for the win or to be the best. There will be #TEAMBUNKER guidelines/rules listed later once team is formed. So stay tuned for further details, but for now if your in CODBUNKER Clan. I will be taking these stats to start with from our clan to determine initial team & tryouts: KDR, Win Ratio, Accuracy. Combined together, this tells a lot about the level of player you are. So CLAN lets do this now, and this week (April 1-7) (Credit to Socom-Steven, DJAc34, and “Devo” for finally pushing CODBUNKER into doing this ;) )


2 responses to CODBUNKER MLG & GameBattles Team forming!

  1. Its your boy DJ Im excited for the new team you know Im most def gonna be there

  2. That is awesome!!!!

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