Communication with Activision Server Error

November 2, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

It seems that hundreds or more peeps a day get the error “Communication with Activision Servers has been interrupted”. I’ve noticed today by looking at my websites stats that this issue still receives a LOT of hits to previous posts I’ve made before (dating back to release date of MW2). Well lets finally put an end to this (hopefully :) ) or at least give you the best solution that CODBUNKER can provide!
The answer: TADA!!! contact Activision ;-)
No. Really! Since I’ve made the previous 3 posts on this issue I signed up on Twitter and tweeted on other issues to @Activision and almost immediately I was contacted by thier AWESOME “Tweeting Tech Support”

There are many out there but I will list the few that I have been in contact with. They are VERY friendly and VERY helpful. I mean they go WAY above “Customer Service” So my best answer to this issue and ANY other issue you have with ANY Activision game is to contact them……….Hell some of em just like you to shout out and just say “Hi” just to be social :D
So here’s what to do:
Sign up with Twitter (There is a button over on top right of CODBUNKER-> )
Then of course “follow” @CODBUNKER :) (you don’t hafta, but I’d like that)
Then “Tweet” and or follow the below Awesome Activision Customer Support Team listed below!


“Hey there! ATVI_Mikey here with Activision Customer Support. How can I assist you?”

“Activision Customer Service Coordinator”

These two are just the start of their team and have been VERY HELPFUL to @CODBUNKER!!!
So give them a shout and they will help you or pass you off to another rep that can!
Also if you follow me, I will “FF” (Follow Friday) you on occasion others in the COD Community that you should be following. Bottom line Twitter is a HUGE resource and Tool for Call of Duty fans (and CODBUNKER too ;-) )

OH….BTW….Please leave a comment if they were able to help you, so I can thank them also!!!



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  1. Without Twitter is there anyway for me to contact them like with a email of any kinds? If so, that would be most appreciated. :)

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