Communication with Activision Servers

November 11, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Communication with Activision Servers has been interrupted.
Now that’s the error I have. It’s not even good grammar LOL.
Hello fella’s (Activision, Infinity Flop) get it together.
Only MILLIONS are wanting to play this highly anticipated/hyped game. Did you just realize this, or did you expect 14,000 people would be playing the first day. This is getting ridiculous.


PLEASE POST A COMMENT on this post so I can forward to these jokers how piss’d we are and how many!

It seems there a LOT of folks experiencing below problem at August 26, 2010 20:26:40


145 responses to Communication with Activision Servers

  1. to ‘A’… apperently we do not have to wait for the servers to come up on friday… but we do however have to wait for the add a friend online till friday… info from FOURZEROTWO twitter page.

  2. now i cant get past the play online screen, where u click it and it says ‘please wait…. connecting to matchmaking server…’ its been on it for about 20 mins now lol

  3. friday huh this is BS first with the invites on the first day now this … you can smell the glitches ( btw thats my SSID add me )

  4. wtfman,
    Just because u are bored like the rest of us, don’t be posting junk on this site.
    I will permantly ban your IP and it range if you continue.

  5. wtfman,
    Your gone……….poof
    you can’t even read this, unless you have a friend check it, or you travel
    If you happen to reach this site again, by travel, through friend, etc
    it IP address range will be banned as well
    Toodle Loo

  6. All,
    check front page, latest post, has more insight on where problem exists

  7. sorry about wtfman that was my (very annoying) friend

  8. john,
    funny you have similar email address’s, am i going to have to ban ip range as well?

  9. haha no sir i just did that becuase thats what he did and im not giving out my actual email adress

  10. That’s fine,
    IP address is much better than email anyways.
    I also have friends at Comcast in Boston as well ;-)

  11. what do you mean you have friends at comcast?

  12. More like friend, Lives outside of Needham. People who abuse the terms of agreement from comcast boston will be disconnected, should I forward you a copy of terms of agreement so you can inform wtfman? People don’t realize, webhosts have ALL the information at the backend to provide ISP’s

  13. i see, i dont think that will be necessary. he told me to me to comment here as wtfman2 and say something like “i’m back” but…..

  14. Well………….
    Since you put it that way I can only conclude that since you are wasting my time and have no legitimate input to this board then you must be one in the same or have nothing better to do either, so let me help you as well…………….POOF………….

  15. poof indeed lol

  16. Well, you know some people…………..
    I deleted most of the disgusting posts………..
    I don’t like to do that but the Poof is always available
    I plan on soon creating a forum with free membership of course just so people can log in (once age verified) go to private rooms and say ANYTHING they want. Offended people can just leave those private areas, but public areas WILL be civil


  18. What’s up and running?? The mw2 online?


  20. I’m still not getting past the connecting to matchmaking server screen, dag what’s up with that??

  21. Seems that some are still having issue, but most of my friends are on, and 50% of them can connect to me, still issue with connection but most are playing MP online

  22. Thanks maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel

  23. its 904 etpm and still not working in erie pa

  24. mines up and working…. thanks a bunch for everything so glad i stumbled across this website .. cheers

  25. same problem here! so annoying only needeed 6 more headshots on my barett to unlock fall camo n now i cant!

    cant get into any games atm unless i keep loggin in and out which is takin me longer each time

  26. hey buckeye…it takes around 10 minutes before i can get past the fetching playlists and unlocks……and thats right after about 5 tries to and fro main menu and play online…this is really really frustrating..

    any tips? ive searched high and low and stumbled on your site…plssss anyone….

  27. Funk_stein,
    what is your general geographic location, your isp, your router…..etc
    if i know those i may be able to help you better

  28. It is so gay i have been waiting for like 30 mins y is this

  29. been having this problem for 2 days and it hasn’t
    done it since yesterday how can i get this fixed???

  30. I have tried to restart the system. I hardly want ot restore it and lose everything. I always seem to get it when ever i start Modern Warefare 2 it takes about 7 min to complete match making and all that curfuffle. Then i search a game and it says 0 avalible games found. i leave and it is laggy for 30 sec then communicationg with Activision has been interupted. Hell! What do i do, Can it be fixed via the internet or do i ahev to take it in?

  31. I have the same problem. I got the ps3 for christmas and constantly have to wait 30mins to play a game because the activision servers wont connect or what ever…. My mate got one a week ago and hasnt had any problems at all with his ps3. does anyone know if it can be fixed???

  32. Crock, Alasdair, Gibbsy, and anyone else having this issue,
    It was an Activision server issue on release date, but since then I have recieved a lot of traffic with this problem. Without exact specifics of each individuals systems, it is hard to troubleshoot and help; however, I think most of these issues are “setup” issues (my best guess). I will post a generic setup and all equipment involved by this weekend. (Real busy at the moment) So check front page often. I also know sometimes its just your ISP is terrible. For instance, I stayed at a Best Western Hotel, and could not connect for the life of me, and getting support from BW’s Tech was no help since he didn’t even understand what firewall let alone a port was…….Also some friends I have switch from thier old ISP (cable or DSL) and go to FIOS for HUGE bandwidth; however, they have ALL kinds of problems connecting or getting booted in the middle of matches….Once again, check front page soon and I’ll see if I can find “THE” answer


  33. I have posted a tutorial on front page “Home” that should help most of you with this issue

  34. having same problem but on xbox

  35. this just happened to me on xbox live… its ridiculous, extremely annoying. its worse when you have paid for it.

  36. sh###y xbox servers just went down

  37. I see a lot of traffic on this one. Looks like xbox servers are down, I agree with playmiddo… all are paying for this! That sux! We had same problem release date on PS3 Network, and I get some traffic here and there (mostly I think from improper router setup….fix for that here: ROUTER SETUP. ) but this is definitely xbox servers.


  38. I get either this, or it just hangs trying to fetch the playlists (On PS3). Come on Activision… this is useless.

    We all paid good money for this game, and I for one bought it almost exclusively for the online play, however I only actually get to play it one in three times that I try.

    I hope someone sues them over this. The net is awashed with pissed off people like myself that don’t get to play.

  39. James,

    It could be your ISP (Internet Service Provider), could be your router setup.
    Check with ISP to make sure they do not block ports 5223, 3478, 3479, and 3658.
    Also try to DMZ your router for PS3 check my post

    Hope this helps, you shouldn’t still be having these problems


  40. Well, followed your tutorial and setup a DMZ on the router for the ps3 but am still only getting to play 1 outa 3 days i try to play MW2. Constantly getting the connection to activision servers has been interupted or no games found or failed to migrate host. More than disapointed with the lack of service activision has provided

  41. StickShooter,

    After you setup you PS3 to DMZ, does it show at the playonline section:
    Your NAT Type: Open

    If so, I think this may be your ISP that is at fault……IMHO


  42. i am having the same problem now. how do i fix it?

  43. I would just like t say, “thanks a lot, activision.” Funny, you never seem to screw up when you are charging me top dollar for your game, but you can’t seem to manage your servers. With the billions of dollars of revenue you brought in, I would suggest getting these issues resolved, or you can count me out for your future releases.

  44. all of you guys are goons and have no life at all. btw ill whoop any of your asses at cod any day

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