Communication with Activision Servers

November 11, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Communication with Activision Servers has been interrupted.
Now that’s the error I have. It’s not even good grammar LOL.
Hello fella’s (Activision, Infinity Flop) get it together.
Only MILLIONS are wanting to play this highly anticipated/hyped game. Did you just realize this, or did you expect 14,000 people would be playing the first day. This is getting ridiculous.


PLEASE POST A COMMENT on this post so I can forward to these jokers how piss’d we are and how many!

It seems there a LOT of folks experiencing below problem at August 26, 2010 20:26:40


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  1. Just curious, is this just PS3 or is Xbox having the same problem?

  2. I agree. Thousands of people are sitting in front of their tv’s waiting on this to be cleaned up..
    I mean, I’m sure they’re trying to get it patched.. but they can and should do better than this.

  3. Im having the same damn problem… PS3 by the way any tips???

  4. I posted their contact info
    wouldn’t it be great if they received millions of phone calls / emails LOL

  5. The only tip I had last night was to go to XMB screen under acct managment and log out then log back in to the online lobby, seemed to get us by with a limp last night, but after their patch 1.02…………can’t do crap!

  6. i got ps3 and me and my buddies are having the same f-word issues

  7. How bout you Xbox peeps, are u having same problem. If not, maybe I should be contacting Sony to complain instead of Infinity Ward

  8. Now I can’t even sign into PSN
    An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation®Network.

  9. gettin the same thing it was working perfect yday thou

  10. This is absolutely ridiculous,anyone know when it will get fixed?

  11. I will post on CODBUNKER, when it is fixed. I am just setting here trying, trying, trying all at the same time, trying to keep up with the traffic to the website LOL as well as approving comments (I may just have to turn on auto approve) so don’t be offended if some bad comments slip through until I can remove them

  12. Lol i guess lots of people are having this problem

  13. This is Bullsh*t. You would think they would have this ready to go. Yesterday it was trying to connect with friend, now today it is connecting to the server. COME ON ALREADY!!!

  14. Anyone know exactly what the problem is anyway? is there just too many people trying to play it at once on rememberance day?

  15. I can’t even log into PSN now (not even launching a game, just the XMB) is anyone else having this problem?
    What about Xbox, any problems out there?

  16. my guess is there is just too many people on it. yday i had the problem of not being able to add a friend to my party and now this… this should not be happening

  17. It’s not the traffic issue IMO.
    They were having software issues last night; hence, the update 1.02
    They are more than likely having Protocol, server, etc issues because they did not properly test this thing. I’m just glad at least for now the ATVI (Activision) stock has not tank’d LOL (hope I didn’t jinx myself)

  18. its stillll not working!! has online play worked yet or is it since the update?

  19. This is stupid do u think they will just put a new update out soon?

  20. Yes it has worked, I was playing this morning, then it glitched out around 9am USA East Coast time, came back at 9:15am then around 10ish
    it went to the toilet

  21. it wasnt since the update because it was happening before the update for me

  22. FINALLY signed into PSN

    Still no Gameplay though…………………………………………………

  23. when is the update gonna come out

  24. i would of thought so btw did anyone complete the game in like 5 hrs a little short i thought bluddy good though!

  25. when its sorted lol

  26. i might add i was playing it around 8am this morning no probs ( uk london ) but since it has stopped completly

  27. i just wanna play online already, but i love how in depth the options on multiplayer are!

  28. nrosbo,
    are you talking about the “Campaign” mode?
    I haven’t tried it yet, just been trying to play MP

  29. yea the campaign mode i always complete the campain mode first once i start on MP i carnt stop! lets hope its back on soon!

  30. while on the fetching playlist screen, i went to xmb, signed out then back in and it let me in the lobby, unfortunately there were no games to be found, then
    Communication with the Activision servers has been interrupted………….

  31. looks like im gna have to continue with te campaign mode then

  32. this really sucks. i only played one full game n now the sh** dont even work. free prestige edition for all of us having this problem lol jk

  33. Those of us that purchased this already, have receipt to show for it…..IMO SHOULD get some kinda rebate!
    Here is an idea, when a map pack comes out, we get it for free…..whaddya say Activision/IW

  34. i hope they fix this problem fast cuz im sick of waiting

  35. I can now connect to “Matchmaking Server” (complete)
    stuck on fetching playlist…..
    updating rank and unlocks…………..

  36. agreed buckeye!

  37. Error:
    Communication with the Activision servers has been interrupted…………

    if i ever see this again imma go nuts. never had this problem before n now all of a sudden it just pops out. they (activision) need to figure out what the f*** they are doin

  38. well while we’re on here. anyone find some cheat code’s or anything

  39. I’ve found some, not cheat codes but glitches. I will get them posted soon enough, I just wanna play the &#^! game for awhile first. Looks like there are gonna be PLENTY of glitches……….hell they can’t even get game to work, you know there will be glitches LOL

  40. sweet


  42. crab as*

  43. fix that sh**

  44. c’mon man finally a day off from work and i cant even sit on my couch and play a few online game this is ridiculious

  45. Plenty of time to view challenges and fix your classes :)

  46. bullsh**,
    Soon enough I will be adding forum to site and free membership where you can have all your peeps have a private room and there you can cuss like a sailor for all I care (after verification of age) but on main areas, keep it on the downlow………………..

  47. Same here, first day off in forever and now Activision has to piss on my parade.

  48. LOL Brandon! But I’m past being optimistic.

  49. I finally have something to play with LOL,
    My Droid phone just came in, its not MW2 but
    at least its techie toy to play with till broke a vision starts working

  50. yea no sh** i have to cover shifts the rest of the week. but today was going to be awesome. pff whatever

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