Communication with Activision Servers

November 11, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Communication with Activision Servers has been interrupted.
Now that’s the error I have. It’s not even good grammar LOL.
Hello fella’s (Activision, Infinity Flop) get it together.
Only MILLIONS are wanting to play this highly anticipated/hyped game. Did you just realize this, or did you expect 14,000 people would be playing the first day. This is getting ridiculous.


PLEASE POST A COMMENT on this post so I can forward to these jokers how piss’d we are and how many!

It seems there a LOT of folks experiencing below problem at August 26, 2010 20:26:40


145 responses to Communication with Activision Servers

  1. same problem peeps anyone got some complicated info???

  2. Off work wanna play, I have ps3 I’m getting the same error when I try to find game. I got on COD World at War and played online for ten min just to make sure it wasn’t my end. This sucks

  3. i think those nerds at activision\infinity ward are behind this just so they can get on top of the ranks

  4. im getting the same problem. Im sooooo pissed <:(


  6. im gonna f****** whip something across the room.

  7. ya same problem here. this is ridiculous, you’d think they’d forseen problem such as this…… what morons!!

  8. my rank reseted

  9. no it didnt lol

  10. yours working bob??

  11. alright

  12. fort so :( i got onto a lobby then the carpet was lifted from underneith me

  13. yeah it says 1 in the backround wen its doing that gay online status thing

  14. i am filled with so much hate right now!

  15. yea i no but thats before it has loaded up your profile

  16. Is this just a ps3 problem or xbox too????

  17. I have yet to see anybody specifically call out that they are xbox’rs, so I’m starting to think it might be just a PS3 thing. Any Xbox’rs out there???

  18. Yeah, my friend in the next room is having no problems playing online with his Xbox, must only be for PS3

  19. Ok,
    Now I get it. They tested the game on Xbox Live, but oooppps, they forgot to test it on the PSN. LOL
    I guess I need to send Sony an email also…………..

  20. I called:
    Sony Computer Entertainment America
    M-SAT 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. PST
    Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m
    800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)

    They’re recording states the “PSN is down and will be up shortly”


  21. ive given up

  22. I’m gonna play a “Campaign” mode for a bit and then check back to see if its still down (I’m pretty sure it will be)

  23. im taking up yoga whilst i wait

  24. LOL,
    Don’t get twisted up in a knot……….Oh well I guess we already are…

  25. I should’ve got kept the xbox

  26. dont ever say that B Brown

  27. im thinkn the same fing b brown lol

  28. They said the network is down??? Then why can you play other games online???

  29. Don’t know b brown,
    Thats what they said when I called number………

  30. ive given up now. resort back to COD 4 can someone post when its back online thanks

  31. anywone know when it will be back up and running?

  32. I will post when it is working nrosbo,
    Also if this is your psn name i can shoot you a note on psn whenever its working……….if

  33. yea it is cheers buckeye

  34. Yeah I called too thanks for this message board lot of good info

  35. mines homeless_syloe…. cud u notify me aswell :)

  36. no prob, bob

  37. anyone know which guns are good and whcih ones arent?

  38. check front page of…………more info

  39. sorry buckeye my names nrobso not nrosbo i even confuse my self with it. will appreciate the notification. thanks for the great website! super helpful!

  40. nrobso,
    just fat fingered it huh, i do it all the time, no worries, i got it.

  41. apparently we have to wait until friday to play multiplayer unless we get lucky and they release it early…i don’t see that happening

  42. The best way to punish Sony 4 this is to buy all your games from now on for the 360.

  43. be careful of playing campaign mode, I just tried to sync my trophies just for the heck of it and get nothing but error. Which makes sense since their servers are down. So any trophies you earn, may not get saved.

  44. I just talked to a guy from psn and he blamed it all on activision servers being down….. He said they don’t have a timetable to fix it at psn call activision

  45. Oh yeah,
    Pass the buck, It very well could and probably is Activision……….but that’s not the answer I wanna hear PSN, YOU rely on this as well therefore YOU call them cause its YOUR problem also. Nobody here cares about he did this she did that, FIX IT! Tks, b brown for info, that is crazy

  46. I stayed on the phone waiting for 20 min waiting and that’s the crap he tells me.haha

  47. b,
    did u get a name?
    provide details (factual) and I’ll post em on the front page!
    and email it 2 Sony CEO

  48. No I just called the 800 # that you posted and talked to someone from the “network” he sounded Indian

  49. LOL B,
    So you got the “high” level tech………..
    My biggest beef is, where is a press release, a note on PS3 when u log on saying, sorry guys we screwed up, here’s what we are doing to fix it.

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