Communication With the Activision servers

December 23, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

By the traffic and search terms seen this morning on, it seems that we are experiencing a similar problem ot the one that we seen on realease date of Mderrn Warfare 2 with the Activision servers. Your comments will help to isolate this problem and give me more data to pass to Activision when I contact them to see exactly what the problem is. I am currently traveling so cannot see what is happinging with my machine; therefore I am depending on your comments to pass along. I will reach destination fairly soon and be able to “unpack” machine to do my own “testing”. Based on the countries of origin from the traffic to, it seems this is a WIDE-spread problem. CODBUNKER will update as soon as possible.


It seems there a LOT of folks experiencing below problem at August 26, 2010 20:26:40


I’ve noticed (through search terms) that there seems to be a lot of peeps searching for how to set up their routers for Call of Duty MW2. I will post in next few days a generic (since everybody has different routers) setup for port forwarding, DMZ, and the likes to help those that may be having router problems… least from the PS3 side, maybe somebody can comment on that post for setup for XBOX.

*****END UPDATE*****


Here is the release date problem post: Communication with Activision Servers


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  1. After further research I found this issue must’ve begun at around 5:15am Eastern Standard Time (USA) and fixed by 9:00 am EST. This is based on search terms and spike in traffic to I therefore assume that there is no longer an issue at the moment, and will chalk it up to Activision was probably updating thier severs during “off peak” hours, (which I doubt that was off peak, since a lot of students are on vacation right now and was just getting to bed around 9am LOL) If there are more of you out there still having this problem, post your comment/problem and if enough are still experiencing this then I will contact ATVI and get the whole skinny


  2. I got on and it says it and freezes my computer.

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