Confirmation of COD Black Ops Zombies Sept 1st?

August 22, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

BIG news/reveal??? coming for Call of Duty Black Ops on September 1st. Here is Treyarch’s JD_2020′s tweet:
“homiciderabbit September 1st will be a HUGE deep-dive reveal of #CODBlackOps MP. Not just a video of a few maps =) ”
Are they going to FINALLY announce the 4 player Co-Op mode from World at War that we all have become so addicted to as a sidebar to the game? Here is what is known: Zombies on WaW became a Cult Hit and has generated a HUGE following. Treyarch HAS CONFIRMED that the Prestige and Hardcore Editions of COD Black Ops WILL INCLUDE ALL 4 MAPS of Zombies from WaW. WHY would they do that???

Two reasons come to mind:

1. They left off adding zombies to COD7 and put in a “Spec Ops, called Black Ops” mode maybe; therefore, did not have the room for zombies…..AND Sledgehammer games has been handed the Zombie torch as I spoke of in an earlier POST yet still wanted to comfort those Zombie fanatics with being able to play the old one without swapping games when they want a break from the regular game……OR

2. They are in fact going to add new Zombies on the 4 player Co-Op mode and put old maps on there to keep up the storyline to get you to the new storyline in a more modern setting and Sledgehammer games is working on something totally different than Zombies (which I thought for sure I had it nailed), but now I am believing #2 is more likely with the addition of “old WaW Maps” and SHgames statments that I will post next.

So what do you think with this information: IS Treyarch gonna bring the Zombies? or IS Treyarch gonna pass the Zombie Torch to SHgames?……………Certainly something to ponder, but be sure to pay attention to and Follow CODBUNKER, JD_2020, and SHGames on Twitter, or if you don’t use twitter I always “fav” important tweets and they appear on right side of CODBUNKER.


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