Customize Your Player in COD7 Black Ops

October 1, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

In the latest Call of Duty “Black Ops” we’ve been shown/told Multiplayer Gameplay Videos, Weapons Lists, Kill Streaks, and EVEN ZOMBIES will be in it. Well once again we have more info to pass to you. (Tweeted from Josh Olin…must follow) The video below shows you player customization, and I have to tell you, everytime I think I can’t get more excited about this release (in about a month), BAM, more info released and more excitement :D Of course as you will learn in the video, it is not just “Free”, but you have to “earn” it with your COD bucks (earned through gameplay), just as with weaponry. Treyarch has pulled of the mother of games with this one IMHO. It will TRULY be YOUR game. I can continue to rant, but I’ll stop here and just say Watch the Vid and Pass it (tweet/FB/email) to your freinds!!!!!


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