FindMakarov is a MW3 HOAX!

February 27, 2011 in COD8, Infinity Ward, NEWS, Sledgehammer

Earlier I posted I may have missed my speculation on the next Call of Duty, COD8………Well thanks to the investigative work of Geoff Keighley (of GTTV) he may have saved my earlier speculation :) Turns out the FindMakarov website that went viral (to the point of bringing down it’s server for a while) is a nothing but a big “Fish Tale”! I must say that this “COD Hoax” was “Brilliant” marketing, as it went SO Viral; however, it has nothing to do with Activision (which owns Call of Duty).


“Let me be clear we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.” – Activision Spokesperson

Geoff Keighley wrote: (from
“Instead, I can exclusively report that is the creation of We Can Pretend, an independent Toronto, Canada-based creative collective that is expected to launch a project inspired by Call of Duty on March 2. Production sources who worked on the self-funded project call it visually spectacular.

From what I can tell Activision has no involvement and was seemingly as surprised as we were when the teaser website went live yesterday morning. I’ll update this post as I learn more.”

So what might it be? Who is behind it?


What: Who cares, it’s not Call of Duty related, and that’s all we are about here, is COD :P

Who: Best Guess would have to be one of the following “Top” Canadian VG Studios:
Ubisoft (Call of Juarez)
Radical Entertainment (Prototype)
Bioware (Mass Effect)
Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes) also releasing Dawn of War II in March (doubtful on them)

What say U?


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