Former IW employees sue Activision for $125 Million

April 28, 2010 in NEWS

cry_babyThe Infinity Ward / Activision / EA / Respawn Inc. drama continues. Ex employees at IW have hit Activision with a $125 million lawsuit for “bonus” money they would’ve received if they remained employees there. Hmmmmmm…..If the Ex’s had any sense, and were gonna bail, WHY wouldn’t you wait to get you bonus then bail? Why would you follow Respawn when they were in “alleged” talks with EA and bailed also. In CODBUNKER’s opinion ALL of you Ex’s wouldn’t have had the success that you did have without the LEADER in gaming…..Activision. So now that you have become “Diva’s” you think that you deserve your “own” company (Its still owned be EA) and you want ALL the money you can scrounge from Activision and you want the MW name. Wake up, stop your crying…..Its not gonna happen. Activision GAVE you the start and support to get MW to where it is, they own it and when this cheesy legal “battle” (I don’t think its much of a battle) is over you will have the pie in the face; furthermore, MW will continue to have success at Activision and Respawn will be at best will produce an “alternative” game to play when we (COD junkies) are bored after playing 50 to 60 days of COD. You made a mistake, we all do, but try to be graceful about it because IMO its just gonna put more pie on your face!
What say you?


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  1. I have now lost all respect for them.

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