Free Call of Duty Black Ops Pre-Order!!!

August 24, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Ok, its been a while since CODBUNKER has ran a “giveaway” but I think its time for one! What do you think? We now have 96 active members on the Forum/Community site and I was hoping we’d get to 100+ before summer ended….not quite there yet. But instead of running a giveaway for increasing membership only I thought we’d do something a little different this time. As you can tell on the right side of site there is buttons for FaceBook and Twitter, so I’ve decided to incorporate them into the random drawing algorithm. So for now what I’ve decided to do is give away 2 COD Black Ops Pre-Order “credits” via Amazon (if you have ability to go through Amazon, some countries cannot, in which case I can send the amount via PayPal). In other words the game is selling for $59.99 USD so that is the “value” of the giveaway (via Amazon or PayPal, depending on your preference). Two of you will have a chance to win a Pre-Order of COD-BO by random drawing based on an algorithm I wrote for the site, which monitors various different aspects on your usage and membership, there will be three heavily weighted items in this algorithm to give you a hint.
1. Is membership
2. Is following us on Twitter
3. Is following/Like on FaceBook
These and other items will build a score of the top 20 at which 2 of those 20 will be randomly drawn as the winner of the free Black Ops. One will be awarded specifically to a Twitter follower, and one will be specifically awarded to a Facebook Follower, If by chance the same name is drawn twice on both a Twitter and FB follower then another draw will happen to only allow one winner per account (so the same person can’t win a FB win and a Twitter win) I would also recommend that if you refer somebody that you state so in a tweet, FB, or a comment, or email…..This will also help you reach the final “20″ hint hint.

Good luck, and if successful we will do this again soon!

I forgot to add the date when Winners will be announced:
September 6th, 2010
So make sure to check Tweets/FB/CODBUNKER to see if YOU won!!!



5 responses to Free Call of Duty Black Ops Pre-Order!!!

  1. great idea

  2. algorithm
    I love that word.
    By the way TC have you seen the GKNOVA0 videos?

  3. awesome contest!

  4. i always seem to miss the comps. just got back from serving in afghan hopefully next time

  5. how’d ya miss, still not over till Sept 6 ???????????

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