October 17, 2009 in General Discussion, NEWS

Free Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
This contest will run from October 17, 2009 until October 23, 2009.
Winner will be announced on October 24 around 11:59 EST.
There will be ONE winner.

Real Easy Rules:

1. You must post at least one comment on ANY post on

2. Comment must be more than “hi”, “cool site”
EXAMPLE: Take a look at Dave and Adam B comments on this post. They don’t have to be THAT in-depth but should have SOME content, thoughts of site, thoughts of game, what would you like to see on CODBUNKER etc……

3. When you comment and fill out required fields name and email, you MUST provide your correct email address (this will be used to contact winner)

4. To qualify for chance at winning; you must invite 10 friends to comment and he/she must mention in their comment that YOU referred them.
EXAMPLE: “Darthluigi referred me to this site and I will find 10 of my friends also to post a reference to me so I might win Modern Warfare 2, cool site by the way!”

Its that Hard….LOL
(FYI: 1st time comments are moderated so they might not show up until then see comment posting on right–>)

Now remember, you will be disqualified if you try and refer yourself under disguised name. We can see your IP address so don’t try it.

Midnight EST (USA East coast time i.e. New York) contest will close. All will be tallied and names of qualifiers will be randomly picked. Once you receive email that you won, it will not be released until you respond to the email with a picture of yourself. At that time I will post you the winner with your picture. If response email with your pic is not received with 24 hrs of notice there will be a re-draw of winner with you name excluded and response from new winner will have to be the same as above.

There will be future contests/prizes etc. as well so bookmark and check site often so you don’t miss out!

Winner will not receive the actual game since it’s not released yet. But will receive credit to purchase game through my “Recommended Products link on the right—>


Secret hint: Next contest might invovle Design of new Header (top of page) of this site, or maybe something easy, like who can have the most comments with a link to, or review of on other sites the most.


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