Free MW2 DLC Map Pack

April 6, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Time for another Contest! How bout a Stimulus Package?
The winners will receive the funds to purchase the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Map Pack!
This time ALL MEMBERS are eligible (well except me of course ;-) )


This Contest is too easy, for you anyway…..I had to do a little bit of programming.  I created an Algorithm that tracks members use of (How it works will not be revealed, so don’t ask).  I will give a hint: Member activity/participation, people invited by members (you may want to tell them to post that you referred them), time on site, visits to site…..These are some things that my be used.  There are also penalties in the algorithm. (I said don’t ask , LOL).  This algorithm will spit out the top 20 members, then I will take the top 20 and put their names in my Ohio State Buckeyes hat ;-) and have the CFO (aka the wife) draw 4 lucky winners.  These 4 winners will each receive the $15 USD needed to purchase the DLC via an email sent to them from the email they registered with with funds from PayPal.  This contest is for fun, for site growth, and to give back to the peeps.  Winners will be announced April 18th, 2010 and Algorithm stops tally April 17th at midnight USA EST (New York City Time). So good luck and HAVE FUN!

Additional note: If you haven’t joined yet, you will still be eligible if you join before April 17th Midnight.



21 responses to Free MW2 DLC Map Pack

  1. Dan said on April 6, 2010

    Hmmm… Lets do this!

  2. I dont sign in everytime i visit this site :O
    You should track ip’s instead :) then you will see how much of an addict i am :D

  3. My algorithm tells me, I left out the last two. So who says I don’t? ;-)

  4. :) so you are tracking ip’s
    Is it sad i know mine of by heart ?

  5. Dan said on April 8, 2010

    He said don’t ask…

  6. Well im not really asking about how he did it.
    I made a statement and he answered it.
    My question is asking for opinionated answers and not answers of the program.
    Go figure.

  7. I want this mack pack, gotta win it

  8. Gizmo invited me.
    Were should I say he did? :D

  9. How do you did the amazing thing whit the conrtol !
    the elevator is not a cheat a buck

  10. you said it, LOL


    gizmo @gizmo

    byfaith-notsight @blakejones

    josh @charneus

    Samuel @samua1981

    All four of you will receive an email with $15 USD from paypal (once the CFO (wife) sends it next hour or two LOL). This is intended for you to use towards MW2 Stimulus Package, but It’s your money so do with it what you will. This is the only way to send “Prizes” worldwide (instead of just U.S.A.) (which turned out good since one of the winners is from the U.K.)


  12. Awesome! Thanks!

  13. thanks very much

  14. Well cant win em all I guess :(

  15. Hey buck, i still havent recived the prize yet, thanks

  16. lol awesome for those guys!

  17. Woot i won basicly won a stimulus pacjage, Thanks TC!!

  18. was looking fowrard 2 not paying for the map pack. o well. im still getting it..

  19. Samuel,
    CFO got it straightened out, sorry bout mixup (she added one extra letter to your email addy)


  21. do u know at what time the maps will be on sale?

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