Free Regular Edition of COD7 Black Ops

November 9, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

OK….OK, I just couldn’t stand it, LOL. I too played hooky today, which is why you’ll see in a minute that I am once again giving away a perfectly good copy of a PS3 Call of Duty Black Ops game. I decided to wait on my pre-order to get in the mail, so I went to bed early last night (to be prepared when I get home); however, when I woke up this morning and seen all the enticing tweets (100′s of them) I JUST COULDN’T STAND IT! I had to have Black Ops NOW!!! So I went to the 24 hour Walmart (thank you for being 24 hrs :D ) and purchased the Regular Ed. for PS3. As soon as I am done with this post I will be playing BLACKOPS!!! My Prestige Edition will be arriving around noon so I will no longer need this copy; therefore, I will be giving it away to somebody that does not have it or the money to purchase one, yet wants one SOOOO bad! You will also get the kewl bandanna that the Wallly World employee gave me. All you have to do is post a ‘comment’ on this post that you need a copy, then register as a member (its ALWAYS free of course) then by Saturday the 13th of November I will randomly choose the winner and will contact you via your email that you registered with! So now I must log on and play so I can review COD7 for you, but mostly because I WANNA PLAY :D Good luck!!!



15 responses to Free Regular Edition of COD7 Black Ops

  1. Paying bills at 17-years old = No money for goodies. I wouldn’t mind a free copy. =oP

  2. Casey,
    Been there done that and KNOW what ya mean……………..Maybe we’ll have more giveaways also, but surely when DLC’s come out I plan on those for sure

  3. Wow, looking over this again, it’s for PS3. I am just failing heavily tonight. Ah well, pull my comment if you want, Buckeye. If not, I can always use a free PS3 copy to do a giveaway on my YouTube Channel. Could get myself more viewers, and you more followers. However, use that as a last-resort kind of thing. I’d rather see someone else receive this who could actually use this free copy for themselves.

  4. Casey,
    Well……………..Maybe soon we’ll do Xbox stuff as well, I really need to purchase an Xbox, just gotta get past the CFO (aka the wife) we already have 2 PS3′s and a Wii, so I’m gonna have to come up with some strategy here for the Xbox, LOL

  5. Tell her there is a kitten killed every hour that you don’t have an Xbox. LOL, either way. I’ll stay tuned and hopefully you’ll get that 360 sometime or another with some giveaways. I now deem myself your #1 supporter, by the way. HUZZAH.

  6. That “Kitten” thing just might work………..LOL :D

  7. Buck, get rid of the wii and get the xbox with the kinect its so much better hands free =D, id love this copy of black ops; however, i am a 30 guy myself and i waited 5 hours at gamestop to get my game, the national guard, huge dj, food, and a huge blow up screen for gaming was there it was pretty sick, but anyways good luck to the rest of ya!

  8. Hey man… I NEED NEED NEED the freebie…. with this little one coming… I don’t know if I am going to be able to get the game until Christmas! Put me on the list brother! Thanks Chris Smith

  9. Sup bro?
    I have a hard time atm.. and don’t got enough money cuz of Bills (grrr..) I lost my job 3 weeks ago -.-”.
    I’d like a free copy of BO =).

  10. Hey i need a copy but i don’t even work so I cant get one

    P.S rules yeah i mean the player

  11. You know what, Im going to tell you the truth, my mom and dad do have money, but they have to all use it for bills, and when that is over with they need to buy food for us, and they barely have enough money to buy good stuff, every year I try to get good grades for 4 years I did, and they bought me a Ps3, and that was after 4 years, so Im asking you please can you please give me the free copy of Black Ops, If you do you dont know how happy me and my mom and dad will be, so it saves the time for my mom and dad to work so hard. And if you dont, That would be alright, but anyways I am 13 years old and I know Im not old enough to play the game but please choose me, Bless you very much…

  12. We have a winner, after the random draw, I “re-read” winners post……and there may be a problem………..AGE! But in all fairness it was a random draw; therefore, I will contact the drawn winner “Warrior Brown” and if his Parents accept the “prize” in his honor, then I will not be giving it to a “minor” since the game is Rated M for Mature. If the parents do not accept, then I will re-draw after making contact with them! I should’ve made the statement of Age requirements and all the other legal mumbo jumbo but I didn’t. So Warrior B, I will email you my phone number and will need your parent to contact me :)

  13. Warrior’s Pops called me and confirmed that he will accept the game………….Congrats to Mr. Brown……..Warrior’s Pops!!!

  14. Thank You alot for giving me the game, I was really happy when I checked my email haha, my dad was all ” Whats wrong with you and I said I WON!” hahaha, but anyways thank you very very much, you really saved my mom and dad the extra money, and all I wana say is” YOU ARE SO AWESOME!” hahaha, thanks alot, -Warrior

  15. hi
    my family is flat broke now and we cant even aford da heating bill plus we got robed and i could really use somthing 2 get my mind off my all da screwed up shit in my life including my uncle being in prison 4 24 yrs (there’s not much else 2 say now but these are tough times bro)

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