How many Prestige and Levels in COD7 Black Ops

October 23, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Well according to David Vonderhaar of Treyarch the answer is 15 Prestiges and 50 levels for each Prestige so of course the easy math states you will cycle through 750 total levels…..whew! Sounds like a lot; however, according to DV’s post on Call of Duty Message Board it won’t be THAT bad :) His post is below:


“Ironically this wasn’t supposed to be any sort of big secret.

However once a lot of people started trying to piece it together from the various videos it started to become fun. The more people that spammed me on Twitter and here, the longer I was going to wait.

However, I decided to spill the beans on Wednesday after reading a post by COD HQ user thePGTipsy where he suggested it was 15, but proceeded to give compelling (and largely accurate) evidence as to why he believed it.

Only 50 levels in the game, folks. If you work the math out (and some of you have) people who like to go to max Prestige will get more rewards along the way because of the extra 5 levels … but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will take you any longer or become any more of a grind than it has been.

David ‘Vahn’ Vonderhaar”


12 responses to How many Prestige and Levels in COD7 Black Ops

  1. Ugh. Damn it. I hate prestiging (how’s that spelled anyway?) but at the same time can’t stop.

  2. Ohhh I love to Prestige… I’ve gotta be one of the best ?

  3. without prestiging the game gets boring i am now 10th on cod6 and i find it boring without prestiging.

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  7. Where the f**k can I find a list of presrige emblems for
    this game?!?! It is only 1 day to release and still nothing. I guess treyarch wants u to find out by going by yourself. I remember back in 2009 the emblems were released 5 days before release. what the f**f treyarch? Ur not getting to a good start. :(

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  9. Rick,
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  10. OK, I see there is some peeps hosting CL’s, no probs but can we quit posting them in “How many Prestige and Levels….” post?
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