How to DMZ or Port Forward a PS3

December 20, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Due to the “Stict NAT type” or “Moderat NAT type” instead of “Open NAT” that has seemed to plague so many Call of Duty Black Ops players (especially on the PS3), I created this tutorial to show you how to setup you console and router to DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) or to port forward the ports needed for COD7 (This also will work for Xbox, Wii, etc if you know how to set them to static IP). I will get more into the “cause” of this “NAT” issue in my next post, but for now, here is what you need to know:

Know how your private LAN is setup:
Typically its through
(do not use 1 or 255 for consoles or computers, your router is 1)
or through
Some Routers don’t use a “username” when you log into them so “blank” means empty
Typical router default passwords in this format “Username, P/W”:
admin, admin or admin, password or admin, 1234 or blank, admin or blank, password, or blank, 1234

Also you can always download (which I suggest) the manual for your router. Just look at its model number,(you mind find its “Linksys xyz123″) so you would search “Linksys xyz123 router manual”


As taken from Activision’s Support site (tweeted by ATVI_Mikey),


This game uses the following ports:
UDP: 3074
TCP: 3074

Additionally the Steam client transmits and receives network traffic on ports UDP: 27000-27015, 27015-27030 and TCP: 27014-27050.

Playstation 3
This game uses the following ports:
TCP: 80, 81,443, 3074, 5223
UDP: 81, 3074, 3075, 3478

Xbox 360
This game uses the standard Xbox Live port of UDP: 3074.

Nintendo Wii
This game uses the following ports:
UDP: 3074, 3075
TCP: 443, 3074

The port numbers for PlayStation®Network servers used for this are TCP: 80, 443, 5223 and UDP: 3478, 3479.

For voice / video chat and online game play, direct communication with other PS3™ systems is used for
data transmission during voice / video chat and online gaming. The port number used for this is
UDP: 3658. However, you may need to use a different port number when you are connected using a NAT router.

More notes:
Static IP address= NON CHANGING IP
Dynamic IP= Changing depending on how the router DHCP wants to “pass” out IP’s


21 responses to How to DMZ or Port Forward a PS3

  1. I have a belkin router. Is it the same ip and port numbers?

  2. Zach,
    Port number are the same, that is the ports the “game” uses so it is the same on any router, as far as the IP addy goes, your router typically is or and you can set your PS3 or Xbox to the IP that you want from 2 to 254 (the last digits) I used 125 in my tute I think, but basically replace the xxx with anything you want from 2-254 on your static ip for PS3 examples or the 0 or 1 depends on which one your router is

  3. i have a belkin router and my ports overlap for 81 and 3074, reply as fast as possible plz.

  4. Emmanuel,
    Whaddaya mean “overlap”

  5. man i have tried opening up all ports on the psn, all ports for the individual game, set it to a DMZ yet im still on NAT TYPE 3 and STRICT!!! someone please help asap!!!

  6. Ehmm I have problems connecting to friends and stuff…
    But what ports do I need for that because you are using different ports in the video…

  7. So do I have to put TCP 80 to UDP 81?

  8. Yo the second port 3074 to 3075 isnt workin it says it being configured by something else email me plz

  9. I have a Cisco e3000, When I went into the setup there ws a place for figuring the DMZ. So I followed the instructions by adding the IP address allocated to the PS3 and clicked save,, It worked! Do i still need to enter all those ports numbers?

  10. Nope, If you DMZ then ur done, the other method is Port Forwarding. PF opens just the ones you need (as specified by those numbers) and DMZ opens ALL ports.

  11. If your still having problems it could be something as simple as you forgot to reboot your router after changing the settings.

    Also a quick way to find your router and PS3 ip is look in Settings/Settings and Connection Status on your PS3 menu

  12. I have Dynex, what is mine?

  13. so to set up the ps3_1 – ps3_6 do i copy the numbers off ur screen if so which ones are tcp or upd or tcp/upd and will this make mw3 stop lagging so bad plz respond

  14. i opened ports and dmz. can it be my isp?

  15. Are the PS3 ports the same for black ops 2?

  16. If anyone is viewing this for help with Black Ops 2 (and in answer to Mohammad) yes the ports are the same for black ops 2 as Treyarch has stated.

  17. I followed everything and I still have a moderate NAT. If the DMZ didn’t work, how do I continue on with the port forwarding? I am new to all of this.

  18. I have the original 2 wire from att uverse router. I called and had the company put it into dmz mode. I also went through your steps and no matter how many times i try it still wont connect to internet. I got it to connect one time with nat type 1 for some reason and thats using default settings through ps3. Can you please show how to do port forwarding on the att uverse 2 wire modem. I have no option for it in my advance settings online following my ip address. Thank you

  19. hey man my ps3 is in dmz but still is nat type 3 ive tried everything even port forwarding dont make any sense but i have an xbox 360 and that is open any suggestions on how to get my ps3 to open? btw i got a netgear n600 wndr3400v2 router if that is any help

  20. This shit don’t work for the netgear wndr 3400 case closed. I have tried every way there is out there now. This was my last attempt here, and It don’t work. DMZ cuts off all other devices. port-forwarding cuts off all services after entering the first 2 ports. I feel so happy I bought a $189 Door stopper. :(

  21. port443 -443 and port80-80 does not work thanks for the explanation

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