How to Survive Hurricane Irene & still play COD!

August 25, 2011 in Black Ops, How to, NEWS

Survive-Hurricane-IreneWell it’s pretty much a given now that 25% of the US Population may be visited by Hurricane Irene This weekend. Here is a ProTip for you ;) First and foremost listen to the authorities (evacuations etc..) hunker down and be safe; however, AFTER she passes…….What to do? Speaking from experience (I live in Virginia) it gets very boring in the aftermath. So lets also prepare to play CALL OF DUTY to pass the time. You may ask “How the heck can I do that with NO POWER?” Here is where my professional/experienced advice comes into play, LOL.

Option #1…Best Bet. Is to have a gas generator so you will have electricity to play, which I have raring to go and plenty of gas to burn :) Not much direction here, turn it on plug it in and Merc!

“But what if I don’t have a generator?” Option #2. I did this after hurricane Floyd when I had a Tube TV and a PS2. Here is how it worked. Pictured left is a link of the many types out there of what is call a Power Inverter. It takes DC (12Vdc from your car) and converts it into 110 volts AC (just like your house uses). They can be picked up at most WalMart types of stores for around $40 give or take. I would suggest that you get at least a 400 watt or better (Xbox & PS3 usually run below 235 watts, flat screens TV’s are usually well under 90 watts depending on size) but check the product at left as a guide.

What I did during Floyd was hooked it up to a S-10 pickup and ran an extension cord into the house and gamed away :D I think the model at the time was a 300W so I had to turn tube TV on first (bigger wattage draw on startup) then the PS2 (if I did it the other way, it tripped the breaker on the Inverter)

So you now have your Power (or lack there of) issue resolved. “But what about internet?” Well CODBUNKER is hoping Charter Communications (Cable) will keep me going or get me back online quickly; however, I also have a contingency plan. My Verizon Samsung Charge doubles as a Mobile HotSpot (aka a wifi router) So if Charter goes, I’m hoping the Cell tower stays! But worst case scenerio, its finally time for us to work on our platinum trophy and play the campaign in Veteran Mode………….ugggghhh I hope it’s not as hard as World at War and MW2 was. It will sure take your mind off of the ho hum aftermath of a hurricane. So on your shopping list add an inverter if you don’t have a generator and Fire up that Xbox or PS3 ;)


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  1. ive been rained on by tropical storm lee for the past 2 days please make it stop. i cant freaking play online when its storming outside……. grrrrrrr PEACE

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