Is Infinity Ward working on MW3 COD9 ?

January 5, 2011 in COD9, NEWS

There is a lot of speculation that Infinity Ward is hard at work on “Modern Warfare 3″ for possible release in 2011. Based on the info below, CODBUNKER thinks this is a……….Nope!


Q&A from 2010 Q1 Earnings Call.
Justin Post – BofA Merrill Lynch
“And is there an Infinity Ward shooter version coming out for next year? Can you confirm that at this point?”

Thomas Tippl
“We have not yet confirmed the individual plans for next year. We usually don’t do that at this time. They’re very focused on our communication right now about the release from this year. What we have said is that Infinity Ward is working on the Call of Duty title. And you’ll hear more details as we advance through the year.”

More INTEL found at ThisisXbox.

“Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward will not be created on an all new game engine, and will not be released this year under the title of Modern Warfare 3!

It has been alleged that Infinity Ward are creating a game that will focus on the character Ghost who first appeared in Modern Warfare 2, this game will centre around the events leading up to the war in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as a prequel, and then further reveal how Ghost first became a member of Task Force 141 based on the comic book stories written by David Lapham. In various parts of the game that will focus on the life of Ghost – players will revisit locations from both Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2, but this time from a different viewpoint.”

This strengthens the “Dope” that COD8 for 2011 will be Sledghammer Games Release!?

And as far as Treyarch goes, I think we can safely speculate that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will be in the works soon enough, for down the road. So be prepared for at least another 5 years of DOMINATING the FPS market by Activision via the Call of Duty Franchise! Sorry EA :(


6 responses to Is Infinity Ward working on MW3 COD9 ?

  1. Black Ops was good, as far as the story went; multiplayer sucked. Tryearch has yet to catch up with IW’s multiplayer greatness. But I heard IW no longer exists? Who’ll be working on MW3 then?

  2. ALCH3
    Infinity Ward most certainly still exist, the will do the “Prequel” to MW

  3. I feel that Treyarch has a lot of room to improve on FPS titles, but for their 2nd major launch, I feel that Black Ops was under appreciated. Just because IW was working on it for the last decade (COD) with some Treyarch interference, does not mean that only IW can make good COD games :)

  4. Blackops was crap it failed in every way: the story was too hard to understand and filled with too many cut scenes and areas where you dont a complete controll over your character. The online servers a still slow to find a game (and yes my NAT is open) the maps are bad, theyve put stupid things in like motion sencers and getting a kill is completely random sometimes it takes 2 shots sometimes half a clip, alot of weapons a overpowered and some are underpowered, and the games still full of bugs. They killed sniping the thing that made cod fun and original. Zombies isnt a good as the original maps (WAW) and the map pack is way over priced for what it offeres. There are more problems with blackops as well. As 4 IW they make great games and concidering theyve only ever make 4 games (cod1,2,4,6) there really good Im sure MW3 will be sick


    you are the first person i have ever seen/met/read/heard who thinks the singleplayer in black ops is good………kudos my friend you are one in a bazillion

    anyway, from what i have heard infinity ward had to temporarily suspend work on the project due to a legal dispute

  6. no your all wtong… mw3 will NOT be made by IW it will be made by “sledgehammer games”

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