Meet Sledgehammer Game’s Community Manager!

March 10, 2011 in NEWS, Sledgehammer

Ever since Sledgehammer Games came on the radar (around last years ATVI Q4 announcement, I believe) we here at CODBUNKER have been wondering WHO will be their “Community Manager” (such as 3ARC’s Josh Olin, and IW’s Robert Bowling). Well it seems that the job has finally been filled, not that Glen Schoefield and Michael Condrey haven’t been great & informative but every COD Studio needs a “frontman” aka a CM. While it seems it is STILL not “official” (now press release from SHG and no response from Glen/Michael) there is now too much buzz going on via social media (first heard it from Mat Houchens of IPC then by Dan Amrich of Activision) and many other sources. So CODBUNKER is 98.34% positive that the SHG CM is…..Drum roll…….

Guy Beahm
Sledgehammer Game’s Community Manager


Guy Beahm - SHG CM

His Alter Ego:
Dr Disrespect of Machinima


Dr. Disrespect of Machinima

CONGRATS Guy on landing the CM position at a COD Studio that we here at CODBUNKER thinks will “Bring da Hamma” to Call of Duty. We’ve got High Hopes for SHG and since you are now the Face to the Hamma’s Force we are setting them High for you as well :)

For those of you that Twitter, you can (and should) follow him -> @GuyBeahm


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