Merry Christmas Call of Duty Community!!!

December 25, 2010 in NEWS

CODBUNKER wants to wish ALL of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! So, CHEERS to all of you, from the NOOB all the way up to the top at Activision…..including all the in-between. Such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC’s and their support personnel……..Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sledgehammer………..Josh Olin, Robert Bowling, and the list goes on…….Cheers to the WHOLE COD Community! Cheers to all of your families as well. Call of Duty has has become more than just a game, its has morphed into a gaming community! Since this has become such a large community I not only wanted to wish you all the best this Christmas, but I would ask (as MY Christmas wish) that we ALL pause for a moment and remember the THEME Call of Duty is based upon. It is a MILITARY based game. So in our own ways let us remember our Military Service Men and Women that cannot be at home with their families today, and thank them for keeping us safe and giving us the freedom to enjoy this game that we are all so passionate about! Thank you to our troops and God Bless You ALL! I am prior US Navy myself but this Christmas Wish of Good Tidings to our troops goes out to ALL Armed Forces of the USA INCLUDING its Allies!!!

And a special Wot ho! to my UK Buddies (the Marra Crew), some are members of Her Majesty’s RAF…….CHEERS M8′s

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