Modern Warfare 2 Connection Update

November 11, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Well its 9am Eastern Standard Time EST, and I rebooted machine. Now I am stuck on “Online Status”:
Fetching Playlists….
Updating Rank and Unlocks….
Connecting to Matchmaking Server Complete.

Now I can’t even get into a multiplayer game. I also invested good money in Activision (ATVI) and now I’m pissed! THE BIGGEST GAME RELEASE possibly ever, and Activision and Infinity Ward can’t get thier #@$% right. Update last night should’ve fixed this crap. I’ll give it a go, a few more times, then I’m back to COD5.

9:16am, I’m in, finally!!!!


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  1. And the day been Veterans Day what a joke !!!! Thanks a lot

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