Modern Warfare 2 Problem is PSN only?

November 11, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

According to reports from commentors on this site, this Modern Warfare 2 problem (not being able to play online) seems to be only related to Infinity Ward and Playstation Network. People are apparently able to play on Xbox. I did call PSN and their recording states that “their network is currently down but will be up soon.” LOL. My only assumption is that Infinity Ward tested the game on Xbox, but must have forgot to test it on PSN. What a joke. Thank PSN and Infinity Ward. Great Hype, great work! (sarcasm) I guess the only thing for us to do is play Campaign mode for now or get back on COD5. Also PSN/IW all customers that have purchased this great game and have to endure this crap IMO should get at least a FREE MAP PACK when it comes out! It is the least you can do.



2 responses to Modern Warfare 2 Problem is PSN only?

  1. im not being funny but im getin hacked off with not be able to play my game that i spent 100 pound on get it workin for f*** sake bunch of noobs

  2. i’ve completed campaign mode and i want to play multiplayer. there isn’t much more to it than that, im sick to death of cod4 and world at war is a pile of sh**. sort it out infinity ward, activision, playstation or whoever is involved, dont make the crappy xbox look better than you.

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