Modern Warfare 2 Problem on Playstation 3

November 11, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

I’ve written a few posts about this problem, but here is my latest take and research as of 2:20pm East Coast time USA.
Patch 1.02 was ONLY for single player trophies, not for invite friends problem. The invite problem should have patch by Friday. The best work around that I found was: you launch game go to “Play online” screen then go to XMB to account managment and log out, go back to Play online and select, it will tell you to sign in then do so. Have your friend be waiting in the Online lobby and send invite. This worked for me 85% of the time last night. As far as not being able to play NOW, it seems that PSN is overloaded……….HELLO, I am not a multimillionaire CEO and I seen this coming. That’s why I put a good chunk of $$$ into ATVI (Activision).
This info (on the servers) was obtained from:
” It’s related to the servers being down at the moment during an upgrade. It’ll be fixed when the servers come back up.”
Twitter from IW employee, per his profile.



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