Modern Warfare 2 Review

November 11, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Modern Warfare 2 has arrived! I have already posted the negative so far (Not being able to connect with friends…..patched). Here is my official take/review of MW2:
Maps are VERY cool, Kill streaks are customizable; once you unlock them. You start with: 3 gets you UAV (recon plane), 4 gets you a Care Package (mystery box) which the enemy can steal from you if they get to it first (but you can steal theirs also), many different surprise options in the mystery box (Hint: drop your smoke for care package VERY carefully, I had many of mine dropped on top of buildings because of where I placed my smoke and could not get to it.) make sure you place smoke in open area with nothing overhead! 5 rewards you with Predator missile, this gives you a laptop view of a missile inbound and you direct it (quickly) to enemies on its radar, if they are grouped together then you hit the jackpot, the most I have nailed with predator so far is 3 enemies (I REALLY like the predator, some don’t, but I think it is very cool) There are more (15 total) that will have to be unlocked, then you can set the 3 that you like best to use, and YES it is true that there is a “Tactical Nuke” Kill Streak for 25 kills (once you unlock it) its description says “End the game with a bang.” There will be more info on each part of the game to follow in upcoming posts. This post has only been about Multiplayer. I did play one match of Spec Ops, it seemed Ok’ish but did not even come close to touching COD5′s Zombies IMO. I haven’t played the “Campaign” mode yet as well. Well I must get back to the game, LOL. Get it, enjoy it, you’ll love it.



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