Modern Warfare 2 Update v1.05

December 5, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Modern Warfare 2 has released Patch 1.05 (15MB Download) and is available for download now. Also Patch 1.06 is on its way. Patch 1.05 is reported to provide for better operations of the matchmaking servers and also a fix for the chopper gunner killstreak (not sure what the CG KS is for, will research that one). V1.06 release will fix the annoying Javelin Glitch and the Care Package Glitch. For those of you that don’t know of these glitches:
Javelin Glitch:
Ready your Javelin, then hit your Semtex button and hold, then hit (PS3) triangle to bring up Javelin and hold, then release R2 (Semtex) then release triangle. Now go into a Headquarters (hopefully 3-5 enemies in there) and if anybody kills you, you will blow up (and I mean BLOW up) and decimate any enemy in the room, very annoying when used against you, yet hilarious when used by you LOL. Rumors on the care package glitch works by (not sure, haven’t done it yet, I hate air drops) using insertion point and enemies weapon that has died. You drop your insertion point, drop your air drop, pick up enemy weapon at same time (timing thing) then you can drop another air drop……endlessly, so I’ve heard. These two “cheats” will be gone in 1.06. So enjoy them now if you want, or just wait a little bit and you won’t have to deal with those no more. I hope for the fix soon, but the evil side of me can’t help to laugh my #$@ off when I walk into a room and blow enemy to smithereens when the kill me, I just don’t like it used against me LOL, human nature, huh. When it is available I will let you know.



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  1. BTW,
    V1.05 update….still sux. It actually seems worse trying to get a match going. Put the patches out when they WORK! please………..

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