Music Video made entirely from a Game: DJ Hero2!

October 27, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

OK, I know, this has nothing to do with Call of Duty (except that the fact they are both games???) But this seems to be the VERY FIRST Music Video ever created by a Video Game (DJ Hero2 to be specific), not just Computer Generated parts, but stricly a game!!! Michelle Gallego (Sr. Recruiter at Sledgehammer Games) tweeted this and I had to share it with you (BTW she is still HIRING!!!) Even though it has nothing to do with COD, it is still pretty awesome and goes to show you how far gaming has come. I want to see one done on COD Black Ops, how kewl would that be? We just might if maybe we can persuade ICECUBE (a talented artist himself who today announced he plays the part of Corporal Bowman) to maybe use his talents to put one out there…….hmmmmm! I mean BlackOps has “Jeeps” “refrigerators” etc… it needs a video :D Anyway the music is great, and the song is “Speed Rail” by Tiesto………I think I’m gonna hafta download this one, so ENJOY!


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