MW2 DLC Map Pack 2 “Resurgence” for PS3

July 6, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack 2 “Resurgence” should be out today (July 6, 2010) for the PS3 (Xbox has had it for a month). So far I have not found it in the PSN Store, nor have I seen any tweets from fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling of IW) indicating what time. The last DLC finally went live I think around 6pm EST (New York time) so I expect it to be around then for DLC 2 for the very latest though follow: CODBUNKER and fourzerotwo on Twitter, if you don’t have twitter you can always see important tweets on CODBUNKER at the right side of page—->

We’ll let you know ASAP! Oh, I almost forgot……follow playstation also on twitter. Between those suggested you will not miss it the moment it comes out, LOL.

Side note: Last time Map Pack was released it didn’t show up in the PSN store, yet you could search “Stimulus” and it showed up, so for those REALLY impatient peeps, try searching “Resurgence” over and over, LOL…………might work.



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