MW2 Map Pack 2 DLC New Details

May 14, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

New details have been released on the new Map Pack 2 DLC for Modern Warfare 2. There will be 5 more maps, just like last format: 3 new ones and 2 COD4 maps. The two COD4 maps are “Strike” and “Vacant”, while the three new ones are “Carnival”, “Fuel”, and “Trailer Park”…….Screenshots below\/ ….. The price will be the same 1200 Microsoft points ($15.00 USD) Dates are listed in previous post. Here is an interview by Major Nelson (Xbox Live) of Robert Bowling (IW) discussing the Map pack.












10 responses to MW2 Map Pack 2 DLC New Details

  1. wow carnival looks like its gonna be pretty bad ass srry if u dont like the cussin yall

  2. All of them look sick, especially carnival i do agree

  3. fuel just looks like a bigger version of rust wth

  4. carnival looks crazy

  5. Rob said on May 21, 2010

    thank god xbox gets it first lol

  6. Geez. I was playing on PSN and I heard a bunch of guys talking about this. Though they were just high or something but it is true!

  7. I wish they would bring back Old School. I loved that mode! Anybody agree?

  8. wtf man why put strike and vacant why not ambush crossfire or summa like that man :( buh vacant is sik for noob tubing lolz

  9. WTF if Ps3 doesnt get these there will be an ass whoopin.

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