MW2 Old Lady Easter Egg Underpass

July 16, 2010 in Glitch, NEWS

This was tweeted by fourzerotwo and is tooooooo funny!
Check it out!!

*****UPDATE TO POST******

CODBUNKER Believes this video was crafted and not part of the game (aka a fake)
Because it was tweeted by IW’s front man Robert Bowling, I thought at first it may be true,
I have tried it multiple times, and cannot do it. Then if you go to the authors utube page
here is his self description:

“About Me:
Film maker and visual effects artist. Based in the North West of England.
Visual Effects to go, short film production, DVD design and authoring
If you would like to commission me for visual effects, animated logos / titles etc.”

So in other words, it would be easy for a “visual effects artist” to pull this off.
Funny anyway!


6 responses to MW2 Old Lady Easter Egg Underpass

  1. Its still cool right?

  2. Shit sack on a stick

  3. it is fake really i tried it 120 in a week

  4. Yea, Its fake for sure; however, gotta give the guy A for effort :)

  5. its real but only for ******* ******* xbox

  6. that glich just work in ps3

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